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  1. BioTeach

    Crisis Core Remake

    One of my favorite scenes in the whole compilation. So much anger, desperation, and pain is exchanged here. The remake has the potential to really crank this one up.
  2. BioTeach

    ACC to be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray this June

    Any word on whether this release will include new bonus features (like the Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII Compilation added in the Complete release)?
  3. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    Redraw of an earlier piece from my first post above: and thumbnail version
  4. BioTeach

    "Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography: TURKS - The Kids Are Alright"

    I'm so glad to see this book getting some love! Please carry on everyone :mon:
  5. BioTeach

    FF7 Headcanons and Discussion

    I love this one! I can definitely see Barrett arranging this. Stealing this headcannon for myself now.
  6. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    Young Tseng and Aerith. Based on this piece I first found on Pinterest. When I first saw it I first thought it was Tseng and Aerith so that's what inspired my take on it. I followed the link to the artist's twitter but it's not in English so I don't know if its based on characters from...
  7. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    It's been awhile but I've been working on some portraits lately so here's a look. First time doing these in color
  8. BioTeach

    FFVII Remake: Intergrade Yuffie DLC Announced

    I know this is the Yuffie DLC thread but while we're on the topic of Weiss and DG... Do we know when Weiss (and Nero) became restrained? Because at the end of CC when they pick up Genesis they seem like normal SOLDIER dudes out on a mission (aside from the fact we don't see their faces and they...
  9. BioTeach

    Shears/Sears Veld/Verdot

    I'm personally ok with both Verdot and Veld. I imagined Veld is a shortened nickname for Verdot. And for Shears/Sears I have to go with Shears because Sears just makes me think of the old department store.
  10. BioTeach

    "Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography: TURKS - The Kids Are Alright"

    I just read this book again and was reminded how much I like it. I'm hoping we get more references in the remake. Maybe we'll see Gould Arde and Nick in Nibelheim and possibly Annette in Icicle. Even if they are just hidden Easter eggs I think they would be neat to see.
  11. BioTeach

    Kunsel, the ultimate SOLDIER bro

    I think part of his popularity is the fact that he's such a mystery. People are drawn to the unknown and there's a lot of unknown when it comes to Kunsel. I think he's going to show up in the Remake at some point because 1) they deliberately dropped his name in part 1. And 2) Zack is (probably?)...
  12. BioTeach

    Which guys from the remake you find most attractive?

    I now find Cait Sith terrifying if he's really that tall on the mog. On a better note: Im waiting to see what they do with Vincent in the remake - both looks and personality wise.
  13. BioTeach

    Which guys from the remake you find most attractive?

    I was going to mention Reno (in addition to Rufus, Tseng, and Biggs of course) but Reno is unique. I'd definitely call him attractive in the hot/sexy category but usually a long ponytail and face tattoos would be a real turnoff for me even though it does look good on him. He just has the right...
  14. BioTeach


    Welcome! Woodworking fascinates me! My grandfather did a lot of wood work and I have all his old tools big and small but most of them terrify me. The thought of losing a finger is enough to deter me from using them too much so I restrict my art to pencil and paper. Anyway, welcome again and feel...
  15. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    Well, I'm currently facing an artist's crisis: my favorite pencils are in short supply thanks to the pandemic and I don't know when they'll be back in stock, which means I have about 3 pieces in limbo and it's driving me crazy :rage: So to take my mind off it, I decided to take the opportunity...
  16. BioTeach

    Do you find FF guys good-looking? Why (not)?

    Well this is a fun topic! This also feels like confession time. I'll try to touch on all the discussion points listed above. - My experience is limited to the Remake (and a little XV) but I would say that the men in this game are most definitely easy on the eyes. Although I'd have to admit that...
  17. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    Not sure this counts as “art” but I was cleaning out my craft closet and found this old creation of mine: In high school I was into jewelry making, specifically chainmail jewelry. Then my crazy self thought, Hey if I can make a necklace out of chainmail then why not a whole hauberk? How hard...
  18. BioTeach

    "Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography: TURKS - The Kids Are Alright"

    I just got the book in English last week. Looks like the first green section is Tseng and the one at the end is Rufus
  19. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    Oh yes! I LOVE Biggs! Excellent choice :mon:
  20. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    I somehow ended up drawing Seph yet again. Oh well. Enjoy! (If anyone has ideas for another character(s) for me to take a crack at, let me know. I'm open to suggestions!)
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