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  1. BioTeach

    BioTeach's Art

    First, a little about my art background. I've always loved to draw from the time I was really little but didn't really start working at it till high school. Then I focused mainly on basic line drawings (mostly Kingdom Hearts as I was obsessed with that back then) By the time I got to college I...
  2. BioTeach

    My first fanfic - Cat and Mouse

    As the thread title implies, this is my first attempt at fan fiction :) And as the title doesn't imply, it's about the Turks. I'll admit I never cared much for fanfics before. Every one I'd ever read was so ridiculous and farfetched that I swore them off. But lately I've actually come across...
  3. BioTeach

    Greetings all!

    Hello! Don't mind me; I'm new here. I've been following certain threads for awhile now and decided I should just go ahead and officially join. So here I am! I probably won't contribute much but I do enjoy reading everyone's ideas and opinions. You all are so creative! I also love checking out...
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