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  1. Abortedj

    My Weekly Reviews... and sometimes more.

    From yesterday. See you in a week, unless anyone cares to discuss it. Also, this is my first review of mine to not be overall positive.
  2. Abortedj

    Mayflash F300 Review.

    So I am posting reviews of games every Saturday. And some Wednesdays I do other videos, like this one. Trying to get more subs. Love feed back.
  3. Abortedj

    Idea for Alien Sequel.

  4. Abortedj

    An odd rant on FF7. Also more.

    I have been doing a thing this year where I keep track of what I play and finish each month. I have posted any of it here to this point. However, in July I finished a play through of Final Fantasy 7, and in this video I do rant about it a bit. It is the first like 2 or 3 minutes of the video. If...
  5. Abortedj

    Final Fantasy 7: The Hardest Part (video)

    Possibly the hardest part in any Final Fantasy ever.
  6. Abortedj

    Dark Souls 3 (Gameplay with commentarty)

    An experiment with adding audio over PS4 footage. Not sure if the audio is quite mixed right.
  7. Abortedj

    Children's Entertainment (video) A new Frank the Goblin video.
  8. Abortedj

    Game Of Thrones.

    jwKIcJ5C264 Don't worry, no spoilers.
  9. Abortedj

    Batman V Superman Problems. (Video)

  10. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About Console Gaming (video)

  11. Abortedj

    Archer Characters (video)

    Me talking about some characters I would like to see make a return. CJFKYYLSn7k
  12. Abortedj

    Making a Sandwich

  13. Abortedj

    Nintendo Won't Help (video)

  14. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About Fallout 4 (video)

  15. Abortedj

    Gym Donuts

    This is the second time I have made a video using the character of "Frank the Goblin". iWv3WmUukjM
  16. Abortedj

    Let's Talk Final Fantasy XIII (video)

    Just sort of my first reaction. UuYbtpyw6Kc
  17. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About Handheld Gaming (video)

    No real snark or negativity this time. Just me talking about something I personally love. zyI1ZzAPHBU
  18. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About The Holiday Season (video)

  19. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About Counterfeit Money (video)

    pKC8-CYmj1s A subject I did several times on my blog, now in video form.
  20. Abortedj

    Let's Talk About McDonald's (video)

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