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  1. Mantichorus

    PS3 HDD data retrieval?

    As some of you know, my 60GB Playstation 3 decided to die on me over the Easter weekend (YLOD), and I bought a new PS3 this weekend just gone. I was hoping someone could advise me on any methods of transferring my game saves from the hard disk to the new PS3. I had picked up a HDD dock that...
  2. Mantichorus

    A notife to alle residents of Ankh-Morporke

    Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the People's Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. Wear lilac if you were there. For Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!
  3. Mantichorus

    Music editing programs

    I'm wanting to put together an AMV, but I want to cut the track down to a certain length. All I have to do this is WMM. Can anyone suggest a music editing program? Thanks.
  4. Mantichorus

    Scramble Crossing (WEWY fanclub)

    A fan club for The World Ends With You AKA It's a Wonderful World or Subarashiki Kono Sekai. Nomura hints at more to come from The World Ends With You. And some fanarts:
  5. Mantichorus

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Hey guys, it's been a while. :) I should be back with y'all shortly after New Year's... And, as some of you will know, there have been a few occasions when I've been planning to come back, but just haven't made it back. So, y'know, this time... Anyway, just sticking my head in to wish you all...
  6. Mantichorus

    We'll meet again...

    Well, considering I haven't posted in little over a week, and my posting the week before was very patchy, this is pretty much stating the obvious, but I figure you guys deserve an explanation. Anyway, I'm going to take some time away from the forums for the time being. I've been feeling...
  7. Mantichorus

    The Velvet Room, a Persona fanclub

    Welcome to the Velvet Room. Here, you will find a fan club for the Persona series. I think this has to be our first topic to be raised: C5fxUPmwsfY
  8. Mantichorus

    On hiatus

    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to drop off of the forums for a while. It's nothing too serious, I've just got a few things irritating me IRL (financally, emotionally, and work-related) that I need to deal with. None of them are anything major on their own, but together they're aggravating the...
  9. Mantichorus

    Discworld City Watch TV series in the works

  10. Mantichorus

    Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnus Nutter, Witch

    source: Also see here for an interview with Neil Gaiman:
  11. Mantichorus

    Wait for the Wheel (BlazBlue/FFVII)

    This is just the first draft of an idea I mentioned in the "What Makes Your Day" thread. The basic premise is that the characters from the BlazBlue universe get dumped in post-Dirge FFVII. This initial match-up is Cloud vs. Terumi . Finding a reason for him to launch straight into combat was...
  12. Mantichorus

    And I’ll be back again, and again, and again…

    …Hoo boy. Who thought it would come to this…? On Thursday evening while I was posting, there was a brief power shortage in the village where I live. When the power came back on, I turned the computer back on to continue posting (small power outages happen occasionally, and, while disruptive and...
  13. Mantichorus


    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. Due to popular demand, a thread for discussing the Warhammer 40,000 universe. :D ULTRAMARINES MOVIE TRAILER: SPACE MARINE GAME TRAILER...
  14. Mantichorus

    DESSIES POLL: Kaden's entrance

    Well, I really can't decide. Should I bring Kaden Wyndham (AKA Orthrus, my Animus character) in to the RP at Osea before the Dessies leave, or should I bring him in at Audoula ? So, I'm going to open it up for you guys to vote on. :monster:
  15. Mantichorus

    Doctor Who!!~

    A thread for discussing the adventures of the Doctor. Simples. :monster: Whether the latest episode, or the classic series, any Dr Who based discussion is welcomed. Am I the only one looking forward to Victory of the Daleks?
  16. Mantichorus

    I heard a voice like thunder (original story)

    This is a redo of a series of vigenettes I wrote at college for my A-Level English Language coruse. I posted some of the original on ACF. Recently, I found the old file, and spotted some changes I had to make. I feel the story's better for it. :) It's based on the Book of Revelations from the...
  17. Mantichorus

    White Valentine (Vincent/Lucrecia)

    A/N: well, hi guys. Here's just a quick Valentine's Day fic I've written. It was originally done for the Innocent Sin fanclub for Valentine's Day last year. However, I've edited it since then, and given it a title (in case anyone wonders: it's in homage to "White Christmas"). Nibelheim's...
  18. Mantichorus

    Dream King to write Who episode

    Award winning fantasy author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman comic series, the English language screenplay for Princess Mononoke, and the novels on which the major motion pictures Stardust and Coraline are based) has set aside an age of fan speculation during the SFX awards this weekend. Speaking at...
  19. Mantichorus

    Three Wise Monkeys

    Well, a quick little nonsense AU FFIX Christmas fanfic. The Genomes with souls, Zidane, Kuja and Mikoto, find themselves on Earth, approximately 2,010 years ago. They follow the Invincible in an attempt to return to their own time. They-- look, I really don’t think I need to spell it out. You’re...
  20. Mantichorus

    Chaos at the Battle Square

    Well, here's a "humorous" fanfic I've done. This is a rework of the fic of the same name on my fanfiction(dot)net. The basis of the main storyline (and Cid's complaints) is my own experiences in the Golden Saucer. Hope you all enjoy. ^_^ ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ Chaos at the Battle Square. or "Y'know, I...
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