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  1. hleV

    TLS Favicon Adjustment

    Seems they updated Chrome so that it'd auto-adjust its color according to your Windows 10 color mode. Mine's dark so Chrome looks like this: As you can see, TLS favicon isn't very suited for dark themes, so fix pls.
  2. hleV

    Party Setups for Most Interesting Dialogue?

    I'm replaying the OG story (with max stats lol) and would like to know the party setups for specific parts of the game so I could get the most interesting dialogues, e.g. Tifa + Aerith for Gongaga or Vincent + Red XIII for Hojo. I wasn't able to find a proper list anywhere.
  3. hleV

    Why Did Sephiroth Take Jenova's Head

    Sephiroth was after Jenova's whole body but due to his injury he could only take a smaller part. Why did he need her body in the first place? Why did he believe it was a good idea to just rip her head off and take it with him?
  4. hleV

    Argument split from gameplay/combat hopes thread

    Passive materia such as Counter, Mime, etc. is a thing of an RPG with little realism and logic in its gameplay. It won't work for the Remake and shouldn't even be in. You still have the OG for all that stuff. The Remake should consist of ability to cast magic and perhaps "attach" it to your...
  5. hleV

    Cloud's Modified SOLDIER Uniform

    How did it ever get modified? In FFVII Zack appears to have given him the already-modified uniform outside Nibelheim, but CC retcons it and now it's unclear how did he come to wear a modified uniform before he gets to Midgar's trainstation to be found by Tifa. Going by FFVII, Cloud was taken to...
  6. hleV

    Did Cloud Read Zack/Tifa's Memories?

    Did Cloud read Zack's and/or Tifa's memories? I believe I read somewhere that an official source states Cloud having read Tifa's memories once she touched him. Is this true? Does the same go to Zack? When exactly? Or did Cloud simply make his memories up?
  7. hleV

    Who's the Main Antagonist of FFX?

    Who is it? Sin, Yu Yevon or Seymour? FF Wikia claims that Seymour is the main antagonist/villain of the game, but I couldn't find any info on how such conclusion was made. Perhaps there's an official statement on the matter somewhere? The game revolves around the cast going on a pilgrimage in...
  8. hleV

    Difference Between Cloud and Other SOLDIERs

    Is there a physical difference? Is Cloud supposed to be stronger than other SOLDIERs, or he just is (you know, just like everyone from the main cast randomly being 10-100 times stronger than humans)? What kind of experiment did Hojo do with Cloud (and Zack)? Supposedly they were injected...
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