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  1. Raquelborn

    How do you view Cloud's Character?

    How do you personally see Cloud's character? I ask as I've been reading fan fictions lately which I feel have got Cloud's character slightly off or people have said ways they think my characterisation of Cloud doesn't quite fit with theirs. I think a lot of people see Cloud as he is in AC/C...
  2. Raquelborn

    Avatars and white space?

    What format does an image have to be in so that white space doesn't fill in where it should be transparent? I've tried PNG and GIF and I still get it. Help? Thank you.
  3. Raquelborn

    Gamers Will Save the World!

    Or so she says: dE1DuBesGYM In a nutshell: I think what she's basically trying to press home is that if you take all the factors from video games that make them so addictive and rewarding to play, and then implement them into saving-the-world tasks, the world would have fewer problems as more...
  4. Raquelborn

    Top 10 Hottest Girls in Gaming

    I strayed across this on Youtube and haven't noticed a thread for it so I thought I'd share. The Top 10 Hottest Girls in Gaming as voted by Youtubers and the results were: 9_q0VwyiZpU Heh. Look at who won.
  5. Raquelborn

    How real could they have made AC?

    I was thinking about this after watching this video: 90AU6D8qEhc If they had taken photos of actors/models (or did they actually?), formed a 3D model from them and then edited the facial features to resemble those of FFVII's characters, how realistic could they have made them look? Very, it...
  6. Raquelborn

    What happened to Tifa?

    In the fight between Loz and Tifa, Loz penetrates her with his Dual Hound, shocks her and she falls over, right? Well I can't get my head around what's actually going on when Tifa lets down her guard. He's about to stab her in the stomach here but after a white flash we then see.. The Dual...
  7. Raquelborn

    Can't read the last pages of threads?

    I've been unable to see the last page or 2 of some threads. I will click the next page number only for the current one to be refreshed. Can this be fixed? Or maybe it's just me experiencing this?
  8. Raquelborn

    Tifa's Looks AC vs ACC

    Some people have mentioned in the Aerith's Looks thread that Tifa also had some changes to her appearence for ACC. Here are some comparison pictures for you to decide for yourselves: Here are 3 of the screenshots which are only in ACC as they are from added scenes. Any differences will...
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