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  1. Abortedj

    My Weekly Reviews... and sometimes more.

    From yesterday. See you in a week, unless anyone cares to discuss it. Also, this is my first review of mine to not be overall positive.
  2. Abortedj

    Mayflash F300 Review.

    Saturday's video. Should probably change the title of this thread.
  3. Abortedj

    Mayflash F300 Review.

    Most resent review. As mentioned, new review every Saturday.
  4. Abortedj

    Mayflash F300 Review.

    So I am posting reviews of games every Saturday. And some Wednesdays I do other videos, like this one. Trying to get more subs. Love feed back.
  5. Abortedj

    Idea for Alien Sequel.

  6. Abortedj

    An odd rant on FF7. Also more.

    I have been doing a thing this year where I keep track of what I play and finish each month. I have posted any of it here to this point. However, in July I finished a play through of Final Fantasy 7, and in this video I do rant about it a bit. It is the first like 2 or 3 minutes of the video. If...
  7. Abortedj

    Final Fantasy 7: The Hardest Part (video)

    Possibly the hardest part in any Final Fantasy ever.
  8. Abortedj

    Dark Souls 3 (Gameplay with commentarty)

    An experiment with adding audio over PS4 footage. Not sure if the audio is quite mixed right.
  9. Abortedj

    Black Panther

    I am very curious what direction they will go with this movie. Rather it will be a prequel to Civil War, or jump off from there. Really enjoyed the character in Civil War, and honestly would have like to seen a bit more of him.
  10. Abortedj

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ANNOUNCED

    I never did. While I enjoy these games, I am not great at them. So doing these games with non-lethal weapons is just a step to far for me. Now part of that is based in the first game. Where in my first experience with it, I found that knockout darts made NPCs run around attracting attention...
  11. Abortedj

    Captain America: TFA, TWS, & Civil War

    The inclusion of General "Thunderbolt" Ross (as played by William Hurt) does raise several questions. What else (if anything) might come back in some form from the Edward Norton Hulk movie? Is the Abomination in a holding cell somewhere too? Is the Leader around somewhere? To what extent is that...
  12. Abortedj

    Brief survey

    Interesting survey. Good luck in your endeavors.
  13. Abortedj

    Captain America: TFA, TWS, & Civil War

    That is rather funny. I actually like him as Spider Man. Does anyone know how old he is meant to be in the movie? I don't remember it being stated. Is he meant to be in high school or slightly younger? And if the Avengers are meant to be some kind of official body, would someone so young be...
  14. Abortedj

    Captain America: TFA, TWS, & Civil War

    Saw this today. Not going to go into spoilers (as spoiler tags are fucking internet cancer). I will instead say I enjoyed it overall, and give my reaction to each of the major actors in the movie. Chris Evans- Clearly tired of doing these movies. Robert Downey Jr.- Getting a bit old. Worth...
  15. Abortedj

    Captain America: TFA, TWS, & Civil War

    You know, I understand the lack of Thor in the movie. The lack of Bruce Banner on the other hand rather bothers me.
  16. Abortedj

    Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)

    Update on playing Uncharted 1: fuck the god damn sections on the water with the wave-runner.
  17. Abortedj


    I think one of the reasons that the movie worked as well as it did was that it was a very small story taking place in a very large world. I think it could transition into an hourly format very easily.
  18. Abortedj

    Captain America: TFA, TWS, & Civil War

    Re-watched the first Captain America (first Chris Evans one anyway) and I had forgotten about a scene in the movie that really made me like this version of Captain America. Where he is asked about his trying to enlist 5 times and he say "I don't want to kill anyone. I don't like bullies. I don't...
  19. Abortedj

    Children's Entertainment (video) A new Frank the Goblin video.
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