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  1. Nandemoyasan

    Netflix Castlevania Series!!

    New cast of characters, eh? Castlevania X, anyone? The marketing markets itself. ;)
  2. Nandemoyasan

    Netflix Castlevania Series!!

    I barely recognized Alucard with his clothes on
  3. Nandemoyasan

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Yknow... To be honest, in retrospect, Yoko Ono was the pioneer. It seems like all Japanese avant-garde art is just like that. It only seemed weird to my folks, I guess, cuz they weren't babysat by a lil grey Nintendo Box like I was
  4. Nandemoyasan

    FFVII Remake: Intergrade Yuffie DLC Announced

    I'm a simple man, I see a ProZD skit, I give a like
  5. Nandemoyasan

    Cinnamon Girl

    Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young Cover here's something for Dark and Divine to like :) Thank you for liking my posts again and again
  6. Nandemoyasan

    All Final Fantasy fanart, excluding VII

    Judging from peoples' reactions here, I'm probably going to get reamed for saying this, but Chrono's proportions here look *way* off. The head is too big and the arms are too short. (hides from the tomatoes sure to be thrown at him for saying negative things)
  7. Nandemoyasan

    Super Mario World vis-a-vis Sesame Street

    These enemies are called Fuzzies, and they don't appear in the Staff Roll at the end, but something about them caught my eye today (after 30 years of playing SMW). ... That's Cookie Monster. :monster: How did I never notice this until now?
  8. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    I am considering getting this, on account of its streamlined job system and lack of the PS2's loading pauses in certain areas But! Should I try replaying FFX first? That has a remaster available on PC now too Edit: Trials of Mana is looking freaky and strange too, dang
  9. Nandemoyasan

    Hi everyone!

    In the words of the Figaro Chancellor:
  10. Nandemoyasan

    FFVII: Ever Crisis Announced

    ... (views trailer) ...Ok take my money. Edit: But more than that, I guess this is SE's way of saying "Oh right uh, the episodic thing is bugging people, sorry about that. Here's the WHOLE SHEBANG, now we can do our episodic AAA thing over here and everybodyshappywhaddayasay"
  11. Nandemoyasan

    FFVII Iceberg

    I'm sure he's a nice person who meant well, but I also don't like listening to The Shaggs. and yes KindOfBlue this is petty revenge, hmph
  12. Nandemoyasan

    FFVII Iceberg

    Hey neat! And the guy who made the video has a nice voice, too :) I can't stand it when I find a Youtube vid about something I really wanna know about and the person doing the narration's voice makes me want to claw my ears off, and **boy howdy** does it happen a lot learn how narrators are...
  13. Nandemoyasan

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    I'm an angry drunk and don't like talking to people I've also been longsince kicked out of the discord, imagine that
  14. Nandemoyasan

    "Exdeath's forces are stationed on the bridge! We'll have to break through to the other side!!"

    The Battle Of Big Bridge ... I have no idea what possessed me to put this together. I must be losing my mind. Enjoy!! Edit: I did the drums and bass, too. Edit of Edit: Now a more or less finished mix is up and my face is covered in paint splotches and I appear to be wearing an ashtray on...
  15. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy V - The Fifthening

    I do think that Ellis' version goes just a hair too far on the whimsical side. There is a lot of what you might call "mature themes" running through FFV, and not the sort that have to do with the mouth down south or the horizontal mambo (the game is fairly oblivious to sex in general, compared...
  16. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy V - The Fifthening

    "Uh-oh-here it comes." The reason I call Ellis' script "doofy" is that a lot of the time, it tries to be cute, and ends up making the characters talk in ways that nobody would ever actually say, and that aren't really that interesting to read, is what I'm getting at. It's goofy, silly, kind of...
  17. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy V - The Fifthening

    Sure. I'll just give a couple examples, because I'm far from an expert and also because FFV is like 20 hours long. Example #1: Faris the Pirate Captain has just declared that the Princess of Tycoon ought to fetch a good bit of money for them, after Lenna (said Princess) has revealed that that...
  18. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy V - The Fifthening

    Now for something right, straight, wholesome, and military. Men! And Women! And Women Who Dress Like Men! They said they didn't want to translate all that text and that Western Audiences would have thought it was too complicated but let's be real; it was the Cross-Dressing Pirate Captain... And...
  19. Nandemoyasan

    Quiton Flynn (Axel's VA) preys on his female fanbase on social media

    Pardon me while I continue not caring about Kingdom Hearts. Life's not all about what you want... I guess not everybody's mom taught them manners, idk This kind of stuff just depresses me but I was bored so I skimmed thru the thread ... sorry I'll go
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