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  1. Nandemoyasan

    Cinnamon Girl

    Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young Cover here's something for Dark and Divine to like :) Thank you for liking my posts again and again
  2. Nandemoyasan

    Super Mario World vis-a-vis Sesame Street

    These enemies are called Fuzzies, and they don't appear in the Staff Roll at the end, but something about them caught my eye today (after 30 years of playing SMW). ... That's Cookie Monster. :monster: How did I never notice this until now?
  3. Nandemoyasan

    "Exdeath's forces are stationed on the bridge! We'll have to break through to the other side!!"

    The Battle Of Big Bridge ... I have no idea what possessed me to put this together. I must be losing my mind. Enjoy!! Edit: I did the drums and bass, too. Edit of Edit: Now a more or less finished mix is up and my face is covered in paint splotches and I appear to be wearing an ashtray on...
  4. Nandemoyasan

    Final Fantasy V - The Fifthening

    Now for something right, straight, wholesome, and military. Men! And Women! And Women Who Dress Like Men! They said they didn't want to translate all that text and that Western Audiences would have thought it was too complicated but let's be real; it was the Cross-Dressing Pirate Captain... And...
  5. Nandemoyasan

    FF7 - Ever thought of any Fun Side Stories?

    I had an idea for one, but it was just an idea, and I didn't write it (yet) but it's a sort of comedic take on the FF7 mythos, an entire story where there are no or ridiculously dumb stakes at hand, and Cloud plays the part of the deadpan snarky person, whose comments (while they would be in...
  6. Nandemoyasan

    Snatcher - To The Moon And Back

    I read that in addition to Snatcher, this Savage Garden song also was inspired by Blade Runner. So, I mashed 'em together. Put the captions on if you like... I did a subtitle file for it.
  7. Nandemoyasan

    Did you guys even WATCH the show? - News of the Weird et al thread IT'S AN ALIEN OBJECT! DOES IT BURN ALL OXYGEN IT TOUCHES? YOU DON'T KNOW This isn't gonna end well, if sci-fi movies are any indication. A general thread for just weird quirky news stories that don't fit...
  8. Nandemoyasan

    I Started A Joke - Studio Version Cba to hunt down my youtube vid thread, presuming I even made one I tried to really nail the vocals this time EDIT: Uh whoops I can't delete my own thread can I
  9. Nandemoyasan

    Greetings, Fellow Humans I decided to make a remaster of some several of my tracks which didn't have anything contentious or off-color in them. 12 songs, 38:43 in length. If you were a robot, and I knew, and you didn't, would you want me to tell you?
  10. Nandemoyasan

    Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Merry Christmas! :D
  11. Nandemoyasan

    All For Nothing To Bleed This one was written last summer (of 2019). I finally got around to making a recording of it. EDIT: Here's the final mix. And as a bonus, I'll give you this:
  12. Nandemoyasan

    "Bittersweet Homecoming"

    I decided to just write a song without really thinking about it too much. This was done over the last 2 days.
  13. Nandemoyasan

    It's a gas, gas, gas

    Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones Cover I remixed this today, did some light editing I've had this recording done with me and 3 older guys who apparently once played with Ronnie Dunn... we were the "Pancake Turner Blues Band" and no I did not come up with the name and we haven't spoken since...
  14. Nandemoyasan

    Guess I'll just keep rambling

    Ramble On - Led Zeppelin Cover This was made over the last two days, after practicing the guitar part for... oh, 2 years. (And playing guitar for 25, mind you) Hope you enjoy... it's loud tho. Get some earbuds
  15. Nandemoyasan

    Sure cuz my day can't get any worse

    I voted
  16. Nandemoyasan

    Tuesday's Gone I'm havin' a bummer trip man -_- Shit's bleak lately But these condenser mics are nice, after all...
  17. Nandemoyasan

    I Started A Joke

    ...That started the whole world crying... ... Having a depressed day. Phooey.
  18. Nandemoyasan

    Just go ahead now

    Wanna buy me flowers? Sometimes you wake up, you have an AC unit that works again after 2 years, the insurance company says that your car is (probably) gonna be covered after the meat-head that hit you from behind finally got his paperwork done, and you actually are in a band for a change...
  19. Nandemoyasan

    I must be losin my mind

    Well, my gf likes it and that's all that matters
  20. Nandemoyasan

    "You and I have unfinished business."

    Re-posting this, to avoid necro-ing my old thread. Back when FF7R was announced, I decided to 'get jiggy with' some video editing software, but YouTube gave me 40 lashes for it so I'll stick to this handy-dandy dropbox link. KILL SEPHIROTH
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