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  1. Roundhouse

    Live Action Film/Series?

    If there was a live action series or film for FF7, what would you like to see in it? How would it be handled? What about the cast? For me, I'd picture the following:
  2. Roundhouse

    If you got into the original game through Crisis Core...

    I'm really curious when I hear about people who got into FFVII through Crisis Core. Starting the story off that way must feel really strange -- it reminds me of starting Star Wars through the prequels. If you got into FFVII that way, could you tell us a bit about what that felt like, and if it...
  3. Roundhouse

    Can we get to the bottom of the famous Sakaguchi and FF7 detail?

    Most of you will know this, but there is a famous detail that I often see about FFVII, where it was apparently the loss of Sakaguchi's mother (rest in peace) that influenced or inspired the loss of Aerith in the game. But where is the actual source for this? If you read the FF7 history article...
  4. Roundhouse

    Eurogamer Playing Through FFVII (One Veteran, One Newcomer)

    You may find this fun to watch. Two of the Eurogamer staff are playing through FFVII to prepare for the remake. One of them is a big fan of the game, while the other appears to be a complete newcomer. This is the first part:
  5. Roundhouse

    Most anticipated games?

    I couldn't find a thread about this, so let me know if there is one. What games are you most anticipating, aside from FFVII:R? For me it would be: (No order.) Dragon Age 4 Eastward Chained Echoes A bunch of ports for the Switch, too, like CrossCode.
  6. Roundhouse

    Your Ideal And Your Nightmare

    What would your ideal be for the remake as a whole? The best possible scenario, basically. What would your nightmare scenario be? The things that might be messed up that you couldn't stand to see being messed up, for example? (If this thread has been done before, let me know. I couldn't find...
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