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  1. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    I forgot this was happening - the weather was really nice so we BBQ'd, then I remembered when I hopped onto TLS and was thinking I was gonna join a bit later, but then I was keeping my bf company while he was playing WoW and I fell asleep xD Bad Fangu!
  2. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

  3. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    There's a good chance I'll make it! 5 pm drinks? :awesome:
  4. Fangu

    The first song you remember hearing

    "I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder. It came out when I was 3 and that's the year my earliest memories are from. According to my mum I knew the entire song - in Gibberenglish of course as I didn't speak a word of English at the time :monster:
  5. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    Maybe baby!
  6. Fangu

    Multiple potential buyers interested in Square Enix

    The world is not content until it there is Cloud with Micky Mouse ears on And he wants to sell you shit Like an Amazon subscription (fuck me I'm glad my life is over in ~40 years)
  7. Fangu


    I've never heard of it either :monster: Also that list was so looooong if it was 5 or 10 items maybe
  8. Fangu

    Playstation 5

    Okay I thought I'd just add here why it's so fecking hard to get a PS5 in Norway: Due to Covid, shops in Norway decided that to avoid queues and large crowds, all PS5 purchases is to be made online. (Which is pretty much what effectively happened anyway, since all non essential shops are closed...
  9. Fangu

    Hi everyone, I'm Tifa!

    Hello and welcome :monster:
  10. Fangu

    Speedruns thread

    He actually did it. 121 hours. Just 4 or 5 naps. What an absolute madman.
  11. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

  12. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    A quick link for starting time:
  13. Fangu

    Speedruns thread

    Metako is attempting all main title FF games in one go for the first time:
  14. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    Why is the "Meetups & Conventions" folder in the "Introductions, Departures, & Birthdays" folder?? Took me forever to find this thrad :monster: Anyway, pretty sure I can do October 3rd :monster:
  15. Fangu

    Report: PS3, Vita, And PSP Stores To Be Permanently Closed In A Few Months

    Bleh. I like digital purchases, they mean less shit I have to store and box when moving (looking at you, giant box of CDs I should have given away ages ago) plus it's so handy to not have to go to a physical store to get them. Shutting down the digital interface is bullshit. Anyway I have room...
  16. Fangu

    Which guys from the remake you find most attractive?

    By the way, he hasn't been mentioned (all that much) here, has he? Anyway I'd totally bang Johnny. He's actually kinda my type lmao
  17. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    I didn't even know there were any announcements, came on Discord by accident and was confused by the 12+ call. Oh well. Edit: I wasn't in it, would have to plan midnight on a Thursday better
  18. Fangu

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

  19. Fangu

    I've logged in again

    hi Hot stuff :monster:
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