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  1. Super Mario

    Good Bye For now

    Be well, all. :arr:
  2. Super Mario

    Tips in writing a female protagonist

    I've noticed in some of my next projects involves more leading female protagonists than I've had in the Distortionverse (eg. Octo/Beatrice, Sylene, Elizabeth, Shwell the vampiress). The only referencial point on writing a strong female protagonist I've had in recent memory were from Hayao...
  3. Super Mario

    Tips in writing horror

    Hi guys, I'm looking on tips and understanding on conveying horror to a written form as one of my stories is sort of horror concerning vampires, witchcraft, werewolves and lovecraftian gods/monsters. Yes, this series is also part of the Distortionverse (Paradoxical Distortion and Shadelocke are...
  4. Super Mario

    I'll be back

    I gotta sort out this cheating issue and the ongoing problems I have with my family. Staying on and ranting doesn't do anything, so I must confront the problems head on. I'll be back in happier spirits once I close all this nonsense.
  5. Super Mario

    Lupin III (new 2015 series as well as classics)

    Allow me to share you the debut of the new series with an all new character joining the gang it seems. Cbp4a9HcpHw Hype baby Hype!
  6. Super Mario

    My Story: Distortion 2 - Rockefeller Jam [Traveler's Episode]

    About Death and Time - Meeting of two In the void-like dimension beyond our reach, two figures have met and began a heated conversation for one of their offspring’s disruptive intervention. The means of granting lower life forms access to bending the rules of their reality and destroying the...
  7. Super Mario

    Why didn't they make an FFVII movie like AC?

    Godslayer has realized this: All this talk of FFVII on X's other thread and the bitterness of being denied playing the game years back other than seeing them in the first KH for the first time (I did not know who Vincent Valentine or Cloud Strife were till he walked across the screen from Sora...
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    Metal Slug

    Which one of you comrades play one of the most epic SNK games they've ever manufactured? :D
  9. Super Mario

    GFX issues on my laptop

    Hi guys I've been having trouble adjusting the FPS on Battlefront 2 for this lappy of mine cos it lags alot during movement and ingame even if I reduce all of it to the lowest. Forgive me this is my first time playing on the lappy other than League of Legends so I'm hoping for some ways to make...
  10. Super Mario

    My Story: Distortion

    This is an experimental series I developed since 2010 as a love letter to 3 medias (The movie Snatch and the two sister anime series Baccano and Durarara) of the same type of story telling, involving multiple characters in seemingly unrelated events that tie up together to make one big story...
  11. Super Mario

    My Stories

    I'm going to post my stories from here on out on a separate thread, one I structured as a Light Novel and the other a standard novel. Each post is a chapter and will be a standard Novel format. Hope I can get a proper critique for each. :D
  12. Super Mario

    Godzilla - Heart of the Beast

    My first person perspective on Godzilla based on certain scenes of the 2014 film and some theories based on his motives as to why he hunts the MUTOs down rather than an animalistic reason. Some parts alludes to Mothra and Dinosaurs but not greatly, I hope its enjoyable. :3 Godzilla &#8211...
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    Based on my recurring nightmares and feelings of horrific experiences playing PT, I am writing a story set in an apartment abandoned due to supernatural reasons where the protagonist was tasked by a friend to pick up one of his items after an evacuation a day prior. The protagonist wakes in the...
  14. Super Mario

    The Strain

    Guys has anyone tried out this series? It gets a slow start but picks very well later, it's worth a shot and watch. :)
  15. Super Mario

    FFX -Eternal Cost- and FFX -Will- (SPOILERS)

    Hi folks, I just got this sketch from another community discussing FFX in general and someone happened to find this. It kinda looks like a prototype sketch and they believe its recent. We can't make anything out of the texts though...It's somekind of Elvish...I can't read it: Any help on...
  16. Super Mario

    Translation Train Wreck: Final Fantasy VII in Spain

    I was browsing tv tropes just now on Translation Train Wreck and they claim that Sony has published a very pastiche and crappy localization of spanish of FFVII back in the day. Tell me, is this for real? Like how they describe Tifa's pub as a "Storage room", Aeris/Aerith being a boy AND girl in...
  17. Super Mario


    OH YEAH IT'S DAWN'S!!! Stay cool! Stay pretty! And stay Musetastic! <3 STOMP THE PRICKS! And Live a happy life :B Nenenenenene!
  18. Super Mario

    Indiana Jones

    Guys I have a question, why in the first film, looking into the ark would result in It's been bugging me for sometime. What is in that thing that makes it so deadly???
  19. Super Mario

    For Your Consideration

    Some of my most recent attempts to draw:
  20. Super Mario

    007: All The Bonds

    From Dr. No to Skyfall, which one is your favourite/favourites of the lot? Let's enjoy it together folks! I prefer the following: - GoldenEye - Goldfinger - Dr. No - From Russia With Love - License to Kill - Octopussy - Tomorrow Never Dies - Diamond's Are Forever - The Spy Who Loved Me...
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