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    The first song you remember hearing

    Post yours, if you can. Not everyone can pin theirs down easily. I vividly recall this ColecoVision-sounding bassline (along with some positively ancient memories of California):
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    Your favorite national music

    Doesn't have to be official anthems, or from existing states. Just great music from around the world. I'm partial to Scotland's tunes. NnKkN-DjXt8 PSH0eRKq1lE
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    Most epic boss themes

    Ok... give me your best shot...
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    Songs that stay in your head for weeks and you immediately know you're fucked just from hearing the intro

    AKA the misery demands company thread S8afojtw4UE
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    Favorite TV show theme songs

    I can never get this out of my head fhKRhk49iqQ But no matter how hard I try, I can't remember this for long... it's so weird xNflQa-mOEg
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    Breakup songs

    I haven't broken up in a long time, but these used to be mine PvwCtMFcHqI Xjx5IY1ayUs OYHL6AYAwQU
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    Justice League movie supposedly on the way

    And possibly Flash and WW movies And a "reinvented" Nolan-less Batman (Assuming they shit instead of getting off the pot this time, of course)
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    Mass Effect LTD Thread

    I just like the group of people in here. If I could get everyone here interested in talking about ME all the time, I wouldn't be here. Hell, I might even stay on topic. We could even talk about the canon pairing in ME (which is Tali x whatever version of Shepard I am) :awesome:
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    Is there a way

    - a simple, no fuss way - to expand the "visible post elements" option in the user CP to include thanks? I don't have a problem with the concept, I just think a highly thanked post is butt ugly, especially when its timestamps transition to the full date format. And sometimes it can be obnoxious...
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    That 90's Thread

    Put on your flannel and post your favorite 90's music. 3V5HZNr6saE JCye7v79Tz0 oS_NgT607hQ
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    Video game music

    There used to be a thread for this, but it's gone with my old account. Bring me your favorite music! dE3GuH0DXwU 3r2txD68qnw CKTDAP0A2SU
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    Mass Effect movie announced

    I demand and expect no less than greatness. Details are sparse, but no reason we can't talk about casting. Here's my controversial choice for Miranda:
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    Slipknot bassist found dead

    link They're dropping like pro wrestlers. I guess this stuff comes in phases. RIP VBo_dPy7Ipg
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    Red Dead Redemption

    Coming up quick. 5/18 for NA, 5/21 for Europe+Australia PS3 and sexbox 360 So, what say you Contender or pretender? I'm ready to start my posse, hunt cows, cross the border and screw around in Mexico. 2NUjbORZueU
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    Super Mario Bros. Crossover

    Anyone tried this yet? I love playing as Link.
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    Peter Steele dead at 48

    link Yeah, yeah, Type O Negative sucks, no one even knows this guy, etc. I don't care... this fucking sucks and means my childhood is officially OVER. (Which is long overdue considering I turn 30 this year.) RIP Peter... way too young. :( Rock with Dimebag, and may you spend eternity...
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    Books to avoid at all costs (even $5.99)

    Unlike movies, it may take several hours and hundreds of pages to realize a book has no plot and is going absolutely nowhere. And many times reviews fail to properly sound the alarm. This is a public service thread to save fellow posters from wasting time on shit books. ************ Ender in...
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    LMAO smiley

    Can we get an animated LMAO smiley? I use this one but I don't care, just about any would do.
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    Mass Effect Series

    Y2O-0-fQOOs Looks solid. If you didn't already pirate this shit, it comes out tomorrow in NA and Friday in EU. So is anybody else a fan of ME? I hate being the "hype" guy but this is the first game I've been really, REALLY excited about in ages.
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