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  1. ultima786

    Bugenhagen says something about Life's dream... help me translate?

    Bugenhagen says, "Look always to the eternal flow of time which is far greater than the span of human life. It will teach you more, than staying here in the valley... What you will see will eventually become part of the life's dream." I wonder what this means, precisely? Perhaps some more...
  2. ultima786

    Is there a fan translation for the discussion in Chapter 17 with Aerith?

    Is there one that I can look at regarding the conversation that took place in Aerith's room? Apparently Red13 says some very different stuff than what was localized, and I'd like to take a closer look!
  3. ultima786

    "...Kitase... really pushed the boundaries in terms of visual expression and fidelity as a form of storytelling." - Sakaguchi "Fantasian seems to represent the old and new, from the gameplay and story concepts to the world design and music. Even late in his career, Sakaguchi still wants to...
  4. ultima786

    FF7 Director Hamaguchi Inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn - PS Blog What do you think of the below quote? Appears to me that they are looking to do something that evolves FF7R in a real way... open world? semi open-world?
  5. ultima786

    Favorite Final Fantasy Podcasts?

    Looking for more discussions on Remake + other FFs and RPGs. Anyone wanna guide me? Ideally, indepth break-downs of characters and stories and the experiences.
  6. ultima786

    FFVIIR Game of the Year Accolades List

    Game Awards 2020 Winner: Best RPG for 2020 - Winner: Best Game Score & Music for 2020 - Nominated: Game of the Year 2020 - Nominated: Best Game...
  7. ultima786

    FF7 Artwork - Time to Share

    Official and fanwork. Let's go nuts.
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