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    New Kingdom Hearts Spoiler Thread

    Due to the Spoiler Tag not working for me, and I can no longer use it no matter how hard I try, all Kingdom Hearts spoilers will be discussed here until the problem is solved. Okay, in one report, Nomura had just mentioned that Melody of Memory is set before the Secret Episode of Re-Mind which...
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    Fun fan ideas of future Sonic the Hedgehog games wishes

    I know that it will not be possible, but while this is based on a future fanfiction(when I get around to it) story of my fan-made franchise "Sailor Moon Continuum" which is a multi-crossover of many other things that I love and come to rediscover to love again, this is an idea that sounds fun to...
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    How do you change the forum name?

    I've seen forum names change but I have no idea how to change them at all. Can I have help in how to do that, please?
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    Would Sonic characters work out in Kingdom Hearts if Sega allowed it?

    Just another random fun thread here, and, license issues, copy rights, negotiations, requests, ect., aside, what are your thoughts of Sonic the Hedgehog characters being in Kingdom Hearts future games in the next saga? Even though Sonic himself only appeared in Wreck it Ralph and it's sequel as...
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    Who are your favorite actors/actresses?

    I thought about the famous actors and actresses in not just live action but also in voice acting as well, and I think it may be time to give those with voice acting as well as live acting more credit than they have. So I came up with the idea of everyone sharing their thoughts and who they all...
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    Square Enix's Osaka team is hiring for its next Kingdom Hearts project

    It would seem that Square's already making preparations for the next title of Kingdom Hearts. Now, I'm not sure if this means the one or two spin offs before KH4 or possibly a HD remake of X(Chi) or something similar to Back Cover that, in one of my theories, could reveal more about , it's...
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    Kingdom Hearts Poll (Spoilers)

    So, given the recent first two of the four planned updates of Union X, the theory of may be becoming more of a reality and while I don't want What are your thoughts on the recent updates on this?
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    What's your favorite KH3 funny moments?(SPOILERS)

    Been meaning to do this for a while, but I was wondering what are everyone's funny moments in Kingdom Hearts 3. So far I have four on my list. Number 4: Hayner scares Sora, Donald and Goofy at the Old Mansion. Number 3: Demyx's reaction when Vexen has picked him to help him and Saix, which is...
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    Playstation 5

    It's been hinted, or at least affirmed that PS5 won't release before April 2020, so we'll either see it sometime in April or May next year at the earliest.
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Novel being released in English in March 2019

    Yen Press will be releasing the english version of Birth by Sleep novel sometime in March 2019. Yen Press is releasing the English version in March:
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    Johnny Depp kicked out of Pirates Franchise by Disney

    Not sure if anyone's heard yet, but a day ago, Disney made an official announcement that Johnny Depp will no longer play as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise due to having punched a Crew member while extremely drunk and being on drugs. This very likely happened when...
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    Problems with the Internet

    Has anyone noticed for the last couple of days that many of the websites including the Lifestream.Net, Fanfiction.Net, ect., cutting off or crashing or just being really slow to load? I've been noticing it and thought maybe it's my new Computer that I'm using, but a couple of other people I know...
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    Future Pokemon Game(s) coming for Nintento Switch(Most likely after 2018)

    As most would know by now, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last main Pokemon games for 3DS and the franchise will now move onto Nintendo Switch since the console is part Home-Console, part Handheld-Console. (Was hoping for Diamond and Pearl remakes for 3DS, but now that's not happening.) I...
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    Unable to find the Ending English version of "Kiss me Goodbye" from the PS2 version of FF12

    Today I felt like listening to the ending credits version of "Kiss Me Goodbye" of the PS2 version of Final Fantasy 12, only to discover that I can't find it anywhere. The only versions I could find, much to my dismay, are the Distant World version, the PS4 version, the non-singing version, the...
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    Kingdom Hearts Unchained X season 2 may be Underway: Titled as Union X

    Just found this out a short time ago and, it appears season 2 of Unchained X is underway under a new name. I'm not 100% certain if it's or that it's actually fake, but this is definately different compared to the PC version that shut down last year...
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    Playstation 5 coming in 2018 I'm calling for it. Kiss your chances to play KH3 and Final Fantasy VII-Remake for PS4 goodbye. Well, at least we still managed to play FFXV and KH2.8 for PS4 before PS5's release.
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    Dic/Pioneer/Optimum Productions VS Viz Media/Studiopolis for Sailor Moon ENG Dubbing

    Just another random thing, and I know most of you prefer the Japanese dubbing or names, but for those who grew up with the original English dub of the Sailor Moon Anime(dating back to season 1, season 2 and the three movies that) that mostly had famous actress Terri Hawkes who voiced Sailor Moon...
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    Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!-Retelling episode 1 of the Original series

    While I know this is the 20th movie of the franchise, and this is supposed to be the first film of the Sun and Moon series of Pokemon, with possibly Ash telling his school mates in Alola about how he and Pikachu first met and ect., there's something that they've messed up with his hat design in...
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    Sequel to Dirge of Cerberus-Final Fantasy VII after Remake?

    I know what you're all thinking. "There she goes again, talking about Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and wanting it to continue-blah, blah, blah", and yes, it's very possible it won't continue(still holding hopes that I'm wrong). BUT, before anyone says that it's already confirmed, no, it...
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    SAG-AFTRA-Voice actors going on strike

    This is completely new to me, but as I checked up on the KH13 forum for a bit more info on Kingdom Hearts 2.8, I found this appears that even voice actors are going on strike this month and it's happening on the 24th of this month(which is already Monday in my end of the world)...
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