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  1. Zee

    Super Smash Bros.

    wii fit trainer. mega man. the villager. this is what dreams are made of. it's beautiful. please talk about this with me i can't contain myself.
  2. Zee

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    so since there's a fair amount of dragon age and d&d fans, i figure i'd start a thread about this game, especially with the expansion out and all. this is an open world fantasy game by capcom, and it's actually good. you play as a character called the arisen, and you are connected to a dragon...
  3. Zee

    kickin' it old school

    nostalgia folks find your home here
  4. Zee

    goodbye from the world of tomorrow!!

    sorry final fantasy i'm breaking up with you i didn't really prepare a good bye speech so i consulted a dramatic goodbye generator to do it for me well then bye
  5. Zee

    [Silent Hill RP] Reference post

    So it won't get lost in the other thread, here's a handy dandy guide to Silent Hill and the RP! Silent Hill Wiki Walkthroughs Silent Hill Silent Hill 2 Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 4 Silent Hill: Homecoming Silent Hill: Downpour Maps Complete map of Silent Hill I'm sure once we get the RP...
  6. Zee

    leora and rishi go to silent hill

    or something whatever i cba to come up with a decent thread title BUT rishi and i were talking about starting a silent hill-esque horror type RP. sort of a broad idea, i know, but maybe we can bounce ideas off of everyone and get something going. that is if anyone is interested...
  7. Zee

    username fanclub

    username is the shit fuck you
  8. Zee

    big damn homos

    aeris/tifa/fang/vanille/lightning/lebreau ot6 get with it
  9. Zee

    Weeps Deeply

    dmJcKWQq88c why are they using the tron soundtrack why any of this it hurts
  10. Zee

    Happy birthday Vivi/Setzer!

    Have a good one hun! :glomp:
  11. Zee

    Guild Wars 2

    I did a quick search and found we actually didn't have a thread on this, so I wanted to make one. I've been increasingly excited over this game the past month and wanted to know if anyone else was looking forward to it. What first hooked me was this manifesto trailer: 35BPhT-KI1E Someone also...
  12. Zee

    What time is it?!

    ADVENTURE TIME So seeing how we're (slowly) getting an AT theme going, I thought it'd be cool to start a thread on this show. What is Adventure Time, you may ask? It's a kid's show...sort of. By the time you get to Finn pole dancing it becomes apparent the censors have pretty much...
  13. Zee

    Harry Potter Romance discussion thread (Split from LTD)

    you don't need to be a harmony shipper to realize these are terrible characters
  14. Zee

    Hardest of Hearts [Lightning/Aerith]

    OH HEY THERE, this is just a club for the completely crack pairing of Aerith/Lightning. We approve of this pairing based on the aesthetic value, appreciation for lesbians, and Aerith topping all soldiers, even Lightning. If any of these things sound awesome to you, maybe you should join too...
  15. Zee

    The Legend of Zelda (General)

    Tali made me do it. She had a shotgun. But no seriously, I have been a huge Zelda fan for years, and now that I'm replaying it I'm getting all these warm, fuzzy memories, so I figured I'd make a topic. So, here's just the place to chat about which game in the series is your favorite, which...
  16. Zee

    Halloween is Coming! (Scary Games General)

    I thought this might be a fun topic, what with Halloween approaching. Talk about horror/suspense/thriller games here you love, that you're playing, that you want to play, etc etc. I already posting in the "Currently Playing" thread, but yeah, I'm playing Resident Evil REmake. Doing a Jill run...
  17. Zee

    Dragon Age Series

    Bioware had launched the Dragon Age 2 website! Other things confirmed: * You play as a human named Hawke (can be male or female) * The game will take place over a 10 year period * They are aiming for a March 2011 release Not much to go on right now, but thoughts? I know a ton of people are...
  18. Zee

    o hay

    Uh, so I used to post at until it exploded or vanished or whatever the hell happened to it. I had too much time on my hands which eventually lead me here. So, hi everyone, and hi again to anyone I used to know.
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