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  1. Scias


    Hey guys. I'm not exactly a new user, but on my active days I wasn't particularly noticeable either so... nice to meet you! I'm very happy to see that the community is still active. From now on, I'll be hanging around here a bit more often. This has always been one of the best forums I have...
  2. Scias

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [PS3/PS4/Vita] HNNNGGGGHHHHH OH YES.
  3. Scias

    Balrog: Behind the Glory

    E9KvRDaIpbs It's really curious to see how some fanmade productions turn out to be way better than many "official products"...
  4. Scias

    ¡Hola, amigos!

    HEY, Paisanos, hi there! My name is Andy, I'm 17 years old. You see, my case is a little peculiar, I have a pair of years lurking around here, actually since 2008 more or less, but in 2009 I had to register in order to read that Advent Children Complete "secret" forum... Or something like that...
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