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  1. Carlie

    I've logged in again

    Considering I haven't logged in since my birthday (almost 5 months, wow) I thought I'd make a thread to explain. The thing is I haven't actually been gone, I just went into a pattern of checking the TLS server and not logging in here for no real reason other than discord is right there. Anyways...
  2. Carlie

    Carlie's off to Gayland for a week

    That means California. If I'm never heard from again I was happily lost forever in WeHo. Peace out.
  3. Carlie

    Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound

    Apparently the only way to get good Bioware games now is by companies that aren't them.
  4. Carlie

    Round table podcast ten years since a new numbered title was announced

    We're thinking of making our first round table discussion podcast around the thread topic It's been almost ten years since a new numbered title was announced made by Tets. So anyone can suggest questions to be asked about the topic during the podcast. Anyone that wants to participate needs to...
  5. Carlie

    Introduction from a Totally New Member Honest

    Hello I'm a massive FF fan that was brought here by one of your members, I think her name is @BforB? She seems super shy but writes cool fanfiction and that's how I was brought to this place, that's how the new kids get to TLS these days. I've played all of the FF games and my favorites are VII...
  6. Carlie

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Discussion Podcast

    Tentative date right now would be this Sunday depending on how many people are interested and available. If we do in on Sunday it will probably be in the afternoon. Podcasts are recorded on discord and everyone has to be on push to talk. If anyone is interested in participating but can't on...
  7. Carlie

    Sara and I are off to have gay New Year's in Scotland

    Oh and @Joe and @Lex are going to be there too I guess. jk love you boys Joe right now: Stay out of trouble or not, I'm not in charge and can't promise to do the same. Happy New Year's and see ya'll in a week! :reptar: I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning but ya'll get the point.
  8. Carlie

    Telltale Has Done a Majority Studio Closure

    If you were looking forward to playing The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 after years and years waiting before it was finally announced, yeah that's not happening anymore. And just to further prove the company's reported asshole and toxic management; "Staff were informed of the layoffs today and were...
  9. Carlie

    Final Fantasy XIV Podcasts

    So the idea here is to do an ongoing series of podcasts for when new content comes out, mainly the story patches. We're looking to do one next Saturday, focusing on patch 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. Plus new raids, Eureka and the Monster Hunter crossover. There's a couple of people interested in appearing...
  10. Carlie

    Aquaman (DCEU)

  11. Carlie


    I don't recall if we have a thread (was too lazy to properly check). go6GEIrcvFY
  12. Carlie

    DC's New Gods

    Ava DuVernay to Direct DC's 'New Gods' Apparently this is not part of the DCEU.
  13. Carlie

    Black Mirror

    Black Mirror is a UK science fiction-horror anthology series produced (and primarily written) by Dead Set creator Charlie Brooker. The episodes all explore techno-paranoia, general unease with the world and social commentary. The series is inspired by The Twilight Zone, the Trope Codifier for...
  14. Carlie

    Feliz Nachos Gabe!

    Or feliz quesadillas! Anyways happy birthday dude! :reptar:
  15. Carlie

    I'm Officially Back

    w0Zmy5JZ0PI While I was only gone for the first five days after Maria, my activity for the past two months has been sporadic at best thanks to limited access to an internet connection. But tonight that has mercifully come to an end, my internet provider finally got their shit together and...
  16. Carlie

    Congrats on Name Day #___ Howl!

    Happy Birthday you fabulous sexy mama! :kiss: Can I get in your pants? :awesome:
  17. Carlie

    KupoCon: Pomtroplis (Vancouver April 21st,2018)

    Thought it could use its own thread since new information came out in the newest podcast. - As you see in the title the name for KupoCon Vancouver is Pomtropolis. - Is going to be held at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront. I've seen pictures and it's beautiful and the evening is in a different...
  18. Carlie

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    Now with a separate thread since it was confirmed The Lost Legacy is a full game. B8QiF7ycXDo
  19. Carlie

    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    duTHYdaKsP4 Possibly the best trailer so far at E3, I've never played the first game but this has me excited.
  20. Carlie

    Anthem - New Bioware IP

    EL5GSfs9fi4 First new IP from Bioware since Dragon Age: Origins.
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