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  1. Neutron Ronnie

    Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles in a Thundering Typhoon

    Today I discovered that my mother had given away my complete Tintin collection... Now that I have to start collecting the books all over again, I'm wondering - are there any other Tintin fans out here in the Lifestream? :wacky: If so, what are your favorite books? And can you think of anyone who...
  2. Neutron Ronnie

    Shaman King

    I did a thread search for this and it came up blank, so... Has anyone watched, or been reading this series? It seems to have finally drawn to a close, a proper ending this time... Not quite what I expected, but I liked it anyway. Any thoughts?
  3. Neutron Ronnie

    Cloud's personality

    Do we have a thread addressing this? If we do - apologies in advance. :monster: So Cloud's personality at the start of Final Fantasy VII is... what? A mixture of his own personality and Zack's? His perception of Zack's personality? How much did Jenova have to do with his actual interactions...
  4. Neutron Ronnie

    What is the most thought-provoking game you've ever played?

    What is the (single) deepest/most meaningful/most thought-provoking game you've ever played? Please discuss. :monster: And recommend! For me, it has to be Braid. A nice, short walk through the park of mindfuckery, with lovely music. And
  5. Neutron Ronnie

    Where is Aerith now? (spoilers)

    Sorry if there is a thread dealing with this elsewhere! :D My question is - where is Aerith Gainsborough now? "Now" being "end of Dirge of Cerberus". She didn't make an appearance there, if I'm right, except in a flashback of some sorts (I haven't finished the game yet)... So has she...
  6. Neutron Ronnie

    About "G" from DoC and FFVII... (spoilers)

    Sorry if this has been brought up before... If I understood it correctly, Genesis has sealed himself away until he would be needed for Gaia's protection? Was that before or after Meteorfall? I haven't finished Dirge of Cerberus, so I'm not 100% sure of the timing... But then why didn't he...
  7. Neutron Ronnie

    A Comprehensive Compilation Time Line? (Spoilers)

    Sorry if this has already been addressed before, but is there, or are there any plans for, an absolutely COMPREHENSIVE Final Fantasy VII Compilation time line? I mean really detailed, with facts gleaned from in-game conversations, like when exactly the Nibelheim reactor was completed, or...
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