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  1. Marcus

    The Prodigal Son Returns.

    I'm back, for how long? who knows. Hopefully quite a while this time round. Work's at that time of the year when everything is slowly winding down. (retail at Christmas can suck on one). I'll make sure Joe and company keep me in check and make sure I make my presences known once more around...
  2. Marcus

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary.

    Just stumbled upon this article on my Facebook. Apparently Square are set to release a whole bunch things for it's 30th anniversary next year Including the first episode of Final Fantasy VII, FFXII: The Zodiac age and the FFXIII...
  3. Marcus

    Jumanji (2017)

    Nooo, not that one (unfortunately) But a remake sequel to the 1996 Movie. I've not seen any clips are plot details as of yet but just on the basis of the cast I am some what excited to see what this remake will be like. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who is in pretty much everything these days but...
  4. Marcus

    Summer Games Done Quick 2016

    Link to the Live Stream Summer games done quick is back once again for a full week of games being speedrun and just completely torn apart all in the name of charity! This is their second charity stream of the year this time raising money for doctors without borders. The stream is on for a...
  5. Marcus

    I'm Back B*tches

    Well sort of, I'll make an appearance here and then but a lot of real world shit has been happening most of it good some of it bad. Some people know the deal and I'm sure they's fill you in (phrasing). But yeahh it's glad to be here... again, for the 18,000,001st time.
  6. Marcus

    Eminence: Xander's Tale Whilst at EGX, myself, Barry and Joe all got a chance to play a new game from a small London based indie studio called Aeterna Studios, These guys have been working on an MMO/RPG Card Game which is similar to Final Fantasy VIIIs triple triad. The team have just...
  7. Marcus

    Jack Tretton Stepping Down As President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Just found this out after seeing his name trend on twitter, I'm actually gutted about this, you could tell by the way he presented himself during conferences that he loved the Sony and PlayStation...
  8. Marcus

    30 minute behind the scenes look at Square Enix

    Granted this is purely to do with promo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. However, it is a cool little insight into what goes on at the company we all know and love. watch?v=Nq0vtCOBwCM Also Ali Hillis narrates. Enjoy!
  9. Marcus

    2014 EGX or Eurogamer Expo

    Curious to know if anyone from the UK will be heading to EGX this year? Myself and Ami went last year and it was fantastic, we got to play on the PS4 and Xbox Juan before the general public which was pretty sweet. We are heading back again this year for the full four days and we are curious if...
  10. Marcus


    So now that I own next gen consoles but mostly PS4 I will be on occasion streaming games from time to time, especially when the FF games become next gen. Anyway here is my channel: I'm streaming now. come watch, follow me and share with everyone!
  11. Marcus

    Man makes real life Buster Sword and Sephiroths Masamune.

    I've been watching these videos for a while now, the man makes alot of really cool swords and other weapons. Most recently he made Clouds Buster sword and then today uploaded Sephiroths masamune. -ySQratOnwkxogheZdAO18
  12. Marcus

    The Cosplay Club.

    Just a general Cosplay thread, haven't seen one whilst scanning the forums so I thought I'd make one, if you Cosplay feel free to post your pictures in here. And, if you're like me and are a fan of cosplayers post pics of some of your favorite. (Both Final Fantasy and Non- Final Fanatsy Cosplays...
  13. Marcus

    An Explanation is in order!

    So first and foremost, I haven't been very active in the past month or 2, this is mainly down to the fact I work in retail and over Christmas it got hectic real hectic. Work had me doing 6 day working weeks and between 6 and 9 hour shifts a day so there really wasn't much time to do anything...
  14. Marcus

    Ben Affleck to play Batman in Superman Sequel. Umm yeah, My Facebook and twitter has been going wild about this and granted the last comic book role he done was abysmal but, it might work who knows? the film won't be out for another 2 years. I think what people are going to do is...
  15. Marcus

    Films you want to see.

    This can be anything from films coming out later in the year or films from years ago. The IMDB top 250 movies of all time is perhaps one challenge I want to do as there is some fantastic movies on there that I really want to see, but having got round to it yet. The shawshank redemption is one...
  16. Marcus

    Female Protagonists In Gaming

    So, I'm playing the new Tomb Raider (awesome game by the way) and it suddenly dawns on me that this is the only game in my collection where the female is the main protagonist, sure I have Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 but Lara seems to be the only female game character with her own successful...
  17. Marcus

    An Introduction is in order.

    Greetings everyone. Names Marcus and I am here to eat all the cookies, make friends and talk games and such. also Morrigan and Lex made me join.... Violence may have been used.
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