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  1. Miscreant

    Final Fantasy Music

    I couldn't find a thread for this, sorry for making a duplicate if there already is one. For me one of the parts I love the most about Final Fantasy is the music, Nobuo Uematsu's has this ability to make breathtaking melodies that really stand out to me. Anyway around the internet there are so...
  2. Miscreant

    It's been a long time

    Just popping in to say Hi, I used to be active on ACF years ago, when I was like 16-18 (am 27 now) so I'm not sure if there are any of the old lot around. I was just thinking about ACF and back in the day and remembered this place existed. I used to go by the name Pinkfish if anyone remembers...
  3. Miscreant


    May do more..
  4. Miscreant

    So what happened...

    To ACF? I'm sure this topic has probably already been as whore out as much as MJ's death. But I couldn't find a thread, I kind of disappeared a while before the site shut down, a long while at that i guess. When I went to check back up the forum had shut down. So really I missed out on the end...
  5. Miscreant

    Dark Anime

    I've been out of the whole forum loop for a long time now and I kinda just watch Anime as it comes, but I've pretty much ran out of options now. A lot of shows are just names on a list at the moment really. I feel like something with a mature dark theme preferably some action scenes but with...
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