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  1. Cerri

    Pixel art help, anyone?

    Yeah so I'm trying to get into making those tiny adorable anime sprites people sometimes use. i.e. . Any programs you recommend? I use Photoshop CS for pretty much anythign I do. Any good tutorials out there? Anyways I tried making a Cloud sprite from scratch:
  2. Cerri

    Left4Dead 2

    Is amazing. A huge improvement from the first of the series. I actually like all the characters in this one and the levels are far more open and less linear. (Dark Carnival is my favorite) Although they fixed the computer AI, they still love to stand by your incapacitated body without helping...
  3. Cerri

    your god knows his faithful.

    Click for bigger preview. uhhhgggg i cant get back into tagging. c&c is cool
  4. Cerri

    Tekken 6

    Finally comes out this year. (Vaguely around November.) Please tell me I'm not the only one excited.
  5. Cerri

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    Please please tell me someone else has this :< The game is pretty epic so far. Besides the occasional terrible voice acting, this game has a lot to offer. Much more interesting than the previous installment,
  6. Cerri

    You'll never guess

    Oh hai guess who? :monster: This where everyone went? And the hell happened to FatedChildren forums? It closed on my birthday :monster: lulz
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