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    Nope Club [ Hope/ Noel ]

    A club for those who love the pairing of Hope & Noel. <3 fanart By Cleokitten on Tumblr.
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    Your Favourite FFXIII character

    What the title says. Even though I love Hope and others like Serah, Sazh and Noel.... my favourite has to be Vanille. Because she just seems so relatable. She tries her hardest to hide her pain and emotions with a happy, yet fake smile. ):
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    Fav FF5 character.

    What the title says. Who is your favourite character within FF5 ? Is it Bartz, Fairs, Ex- Death ? Vote ! :P I love Bartz the most because he's so cheerful, outgoing if not a little silly but there's still a serious and emotional side to him. I love it how his best friend is a Chocobo being a...
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    Your Favourite FFIX character

    Hmm yup, FF9 is awesome so it deserves a thread like this <3 Fav is Zidane because he's kind, sweet, unselfish and he helps others in need <3 Though Princess Garnet comes second because she's so mentally strong and never gives up no matter what crap she goes though.
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    Bullying from a mod.

    I want to send a complaint here about a moderator here, Xellos. He has given me a warning for spamming, when I have done absolutely nothing wrong. I copied and pasted a fanart picture within the Clerith topic in the club section and said " Feels like crying, so sad " underneath the picture of...
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    Treasured Heart. Locke Cole club

    I don't think we have a Locke Cole fanclub do we ? If we do, mods please move this to the thread graveyard xD
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    Couple of weeks away

    Hey all. I got this flu and then I don't know what the fuck happened. My mum says that everything has gone down to my lungs, and seriously. It all hurts like hell. It hurts when I move, and it hurts when I laugh. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but you guys here.... you all make me laugh...
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    Not a Troll

    I'm not a troll. Why would I joke about suicide ? My uncle committed suicide two years ago, why would I joke about that kind of thing ? My uncle lost his house, he was alone, and he thought that he had no friends, so he got the rope around his neck. My mum was so upset... why, why would I...
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    Nobody likes me here. Nobody likes me in the Real world. I go to commit suicide now. bye.
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    Don't know where to put this.

    Since being here, I've never felt like I'm getting along, or fitting in with everybody here. Expect for Serah and Tiff. Instead of making a swan song thread and leaving, I thought it would be better and more mature to ask , what am I doing wrong ? Is there anything I need to do ? Or am I just...
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    Tried of FFVII.

    I'm so tried of Final Fantasy VII and fans saying that it's the best Final Fantasy ever, and fanboys going crazy over Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth and Vincent. Cloud was a decent character, but that was in the original game. These days Cloud talks slowly with annoying gaps and he is the most boring...
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    Leaving 4 a while.

    I won't be on here for a while, because one of my friends has just passed away. She died yesterday. She was really friendly and kind and we loved chatting about Final Fantasy 8 and she was just so awesome. She didn't even live to see her 21st birthday.... I just started to know her, we met a...
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    Hope, Snow, and Empathy

    D; Why the feck do people hate Hope and Serah so much ? Hope looses his mum because Snow's a giant douchebag and Serah's just a innocent teenager. rage.
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    Cloud x Zack Forum

    I made a Cloud x Zack or Clack forum. Please join if you love Clack. Though there's plenty of non- Clack stuff there. I'm thinking of making a Cloti and Clerith section so it can be fair for most people. Also I'll need help in ways to improve the forum, so if...
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    Ladies and Gents It's Newbie time ! D:

    Hiya everyone, is Yoshi and during these past few days have been looking for a Final Fantasy forum to speak on, but they all seem to be dead because the people have all gone and left the forum.. So is this place still alive ? :awesome: lol, hope so. xD';; Is playing through the retro Final...
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