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  1. Ryvius

    The value of art, and how it relates to identity and mental health

    This is a little all over the place, but it's where my mind took me today. I've written this from an artist's perspective. Creator would probably be a more apt word. We're all creators, but some choose to put a significant and deliberate effort in creating, and those are the people I would...
  2. Ryvius

    MBTI Types for FFVII Characters

    I know that MBTI is rather popular these days, so maybe this is a topic of interest at TLS. I actually hate the test (science agrees, actually), but I love the Jungian framework. I find it fun to type people and predict their behavior. It is also interesting to do this for fictional characters...
  3. Ryvius

    (Tagged Remake Spoilers) OG Frustration Thread/Double Standards

    Feel free to move this thread if you feel I've put it in an inappropriate location. I wanted to post this thread as a companion to the Remake Frustration Thread. Many of us have been fans of this franchise for so long that we've immortalized the OG and ignore its faults and the ways in which it...
  4. Ryvius

    What is the business of post-meteor Shinra?

    There is a fair amount of background on what Shinra is doing post-meteor, but none of it pertains to revenue, unless I'm missing something (I never actually finished DoC - I've only read summaries). According to the novellas and what I know of DoC, Shinra provides substantial financial support...
  5. Ryvius

    Merry Xmas an' Shit

  6. Ryvius

    Analysis of LOVELESS and Genesis/Angeal

    Throughout CC, we live through Zack, sympathizing with his frustration and trauma, and confused by the motivations of our deserting teammates. Angeal and Genesis attempt to explain their actions and motivations in abstract ways - in Genesis' case, through quoting Loveless incessantly. During my...
  7. Ryvius

    Ryvius' Art [Space Omelette]

    Poast Rev. 08/08/2021 Facebook Etsy Insta I deal in acrylic paint, photography, and mixed media, with a focus on landscapes, tech upcycling, crafts, jewelry, and design.
  8. Ryvius

    New sig not showing up even after 24 hours

    Tried redoing it too, and although it shows up in the preview, it doesn't show up in my posts.
  9. Ryvius

    Junon Statue

    On the subject of game objects and Midgar reservoirs, Ever since my first FFVII playthrough, I've always wondered what this statue was supposed to be: No label on it in game; my assumption was President Shinra, but given that this is the most significant military base in the game, it could...
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