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  1. cold_spirit

    The Official "How many parts?" Thread

    I've said this before, but God of War Ragnarok is in a similar boat as Remake part 2 in that one might expect a quicker development cycle due to the reuse of assets (example assets being character/enemy models, animations, battle mechanics, menus, and "back-end" techniques like data streaming...
  2. cold_spirit

    I know What's Beneath the Snow Fields, a ridiculously long FF7 fic from 1999

    Dude Cloud and Tifa are dripping in those winter styles. Fantastic work.
  3. cold_spirit

    The Official "How many parts?" Thread

    Some food for thought in regards to part speculation: God Of War Ragnarok ends the Norse saga in just two games. Here's what creative director Cory Barlog has to say on it: Another tidbit: the FFXIII saga started development in 2004 and concluded in 2014. This is especially notable since...
  4. cold_spirit

    Yoshinori Kitase on the highs and lows of creating the timeless PlayStation classic

    Final Fantasy VII: Yoshinori Kitase on the highs and lows of creating the timeless PlayStation classic New interview to coincide with FFVII's PS Now release. A tidbit, Vincent is Kitase's favorite character. No wonder Vincent got his own game. This is a nice story. It's wild how distant...
  5. cold_spirit

    Zack has 2 different hairstyles

    The interview talks as if Zack changed his style as soon as he became first, but technically speaking he changed it after inheriting the Buster Sword. Perhaps they were trying to avoid spoilers about Angeal.
  6. cold_spirit

    ACC to be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray this June

    The remake series will never make FFVII look as "next-gen" as Advent Children. Almost otherworldly the visual jump between 1997 and 2005. Plus the style. My god the style. Cloud, Tifa, and Kadaj's designs are particularly memorable to me, but the whole cast receives a great modern twist. Nomura...
  7. cold_spirit

    The Matrix FOUR… with Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss

    I need this movie in my life so bad. I have great memories staying up late and watching the whole Matrix trilogy. No joke, in my most recent watch-through, the first movie was my least favorite.
  8. cold_spirit

    Translated Interviews from the Kaitai Shinsho (AKA Dismantled) Complete Guide

    Even with the mistranslation, I'm not getting the bizarre experience that @Obsidian Fire is describing. Reading those excerpts and poking around Maiden myself, I feel Matsuyama had a good grasp on the story and characters in their OG incarnations.
  9. cold_spirit

    What games are you currently playing?

    About to go challenge the last boss of No More Heroes III. Looking forward to it, Prince FU is definitely the best villain yet in the series.
  10. cold_spirit

    Translated Interviews from the Kaitai Shinsho (AKA Dismantled) Complete Guide

    Holy smokes, had to stop my daily chores to sit down and read this. What a gold mine. So many interesting insights. Since the interview was conducted before the release of FFVII International, we can see how things like the Underwater materia was cut and then repurposed. It's also interesting...
  11. cold_spirit


    Hiya! It's great to have you aboard!
  12. cold_spirit

    I know What's Beneath the Snow Fields, a ridiculously long FF7 fic from 1999

    It's beautiful. I'm in awe at the creativity from both you and the fandom around Snow Fields. What a wonderfully authentic time capsule. Looking forward to Part 2.
  13. cold_spirit


    Exactly one month ago I started Evangelion on a whim. I've now seen everything. I listen to the soundtrack at work. I've ordered the Platinum Collection. I never imagined I'd be in the trenches of Evangelion discussion one month and one day ago. Here's my analysis on whether Neon Genesis...
  14. cold_spirit

    Why Hello There!

    Hiya! Here's my advice to all new users, though it doesn't sound like you're having any issues finding discussion!
  15. cold_spirit

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    The Compilation and Remake voice work has merged in my head. I have to focus for a bit to remember the differences between Aerith's voice actors for example. I actually think Square Enix is really good at casting, it's just the lines themselves can be hard to work with (Advent Children probably...
  16. cold_spirit

    Final Fantasy VIII - Omega Weapon potion exploit

    Well we appreciate it! I was looking through your other videos and you have a lot of good stuff. I especially appreciated watching Ruby Weapon being humiliated by Giant Cait Sith.
  17. cold_spirit

    Remake Merchandise

    Thanks for the links. Sephiroth PAK has been pre-ordered at AmiAmi :) EMS and Registered Airmail (what I normally select) are temporarily suspended at CDJapan. Even so, I've never seen the DHL option be this high.
  18. cold_spirit

    Remake Merchandise

    So! I went to CDJapan to order the Sephiroth PAK and the cost is wild. The figure itself is 155 AUD, which is actually good, but the cheapest shipping option with tracking and insurance is 250 AUD. The only other shipping option is 40 AUD, but that's without tracking and insurance. I don't want...
  19. cold_spirit

    Weiss VR battle strategies

    For anyone looking to level up their materia, I've deduced that the best way to grind AP is to repeat the Bugaboo x 16 fight in the VR room. It's the fist battle in the "Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers" challenge. Cloud with Triple Slash on a shortcut makes quick work of them. As soon as the...
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