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  1. Shinra'sMostWanted

    sure is looking festive around here

    I like that we're still rocking the snow and christmas banner. I havn't been here in almost a month or so I feel. I'm slacking. Galaxy of hereoes the mobile game is consuming my life :mightyshield: How is everyone
  2. Shinra'sMostWanted

    Looking for a complete ff7 original pc release

    I am looking for a complete in box ( triangle blue box ) with the disc holder and manuals and inserts if anyone is interested in selling and or trading:P
  3. Shinra'sMostWanted

    Which should I play next

    I was listening to the pod casts and it put me in the mood to start up one. I have origins and anthology which i believe is 1 &2 and 5&6 right? I believe 6 is the only one I have beat if that is the one known as 3 on snes with the boss kefka. 4 is on the chronicles disc with chrono trigger...
  4. Shinra'sMostWanted

    very amateur ps1/hd tv question

    Its been so long I forgot how to fix this - and google searches are just jumbled and don't really solve the problem. I know its a basic fix. I am trying to hook up an original release sqaure ps1 to my girlfriends toshiba smart tv and it comes up in black and white ( so does her dvd player ). I...
  5. Shinra'sMostWanted

    new sig

    just did this up in ps :success:
  6. Shinra'sMostWanted

    Final fantasy 7 nes

    I didn't know such remake existed.Has anyone played through this? So tempted to buy a nes to experience this game in 8bit. I guess the dialogue is different because it says "advent children" version... anyone shed some light on this...
  7. Shinra'sMostWanted

    In line for starwars force awakens

    U jel? Discuss .
  8. Shinra'sMostWanted


    New user here, need a place to kick it while I am at work :mightyshield:
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