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  1. Cerri

    Pixel art help, anyone?

    Yeah so I'm trying to get into making those tiny adorable anime sprites people sometimes use. i.e. . Any programs you recommend? I use Photoshop CS for pretty much anythign I do. Any good tutorials out there? Anyways I tried making a Cloud sprite from scratch:
  2. Cerri

    Halo series

    So. Any thoughts and opinions on ODST? Did anyone ever collect ALL the audiofiles?
  3. Cerri

    Left4Dead 2

    I agree. The Parish seemed so... generic? Boring? There wasn't anything special to it, really...I moaned through it until the bridge finale--That was pretty sweet. I play with my sister so I still have to deal with 2 of the AIs....Theyre' programed better than the first game but they're still...
  4. Cerri

    Your friends and Twilight

    They can like whatever they want. It's just embarrassing.
  5. Cerri

    Left4Dead 2

    Is amazing. A huge improvement from the first of the series. I actually like all the characters in this one and the levels are far more open and less linear. (Dark Carnival is my favorite) Although they fixed the computer AI, they still love to stand by your incapacitated body without helping...
  6. Cerri

    SOTW 8 Voting Thread

    tough choice between cmXT and cherry. Im gonna go with cmXT.
  7. Cerri

    CN ratings drop drastically, what a surprise

    Funny, despite the obvious negative response to their new programming he says "We believe in what we're doing.""
  8. Cerri

    Sig of the week Discussion Thread

    Yep it might even get me back into iconing. ;]
  9. Cerri

    Sig of the week Discussion Thread

    I am for this.
  10. Cerri

    Your Favorite Commercials

    Any commercial that can make me laugh, really. I don't have the video but I love the skittles commercial when whatever this guy touches turns into skittles.
  11. Cerri

    What game(s) are you anticipating?

    This. Also, Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy XIII
  12. Cerri

    Billy Mays is dead

    His cocaine use explains all he had on those damn Oxy Clean commercials.
  13. Cerri

    CN ratings drop drastically, what a surprise

    Not fucking surprised. In fact, most networks are going downhill. Though I'm glad that they have been showing Teen Titans occasionally.. And adult swim is just becoming unbearable. They need to show Boondocks more often
  14. Cerri

    your god knows his faithful.

    Thankyou (:
  15. Cerri

    your god knows his faithful.

    Click for bigger preview. uhhhgggg i cant get back into tagging. c&c is cool
  16. Cerri

    Piece of shit endings

    NNNNNGGGHHHH ): I knew it was from the beginning but all of it was a mind fuck. They decided to stop explaining things then she decides to jump off a cliff and she ends up in the same spot. The game was bad in general. I think I only played for the graphics and music.
  17. Cerri

    Awesome Openings.

    Tekken 5. Just woooow. I also thought FFXII was pretty interesting. Ermmmm can't think of any games at the moment . . . I think I'll just say KHII for the hell of it.
  18. Cerri

    Piece of shit endings

    Eternal Sonata. Hands fucking down. No contest. Also, FFX-2. I pretty much nominate X-2 for any bad category, actually.
  19. Cerri

    we should get

    im kinda here ):
  20. Cerri

    tumblr thread :0
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