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  1. Zee

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    if you need a guide for anything, thonky is the go to. i've been using the site since new leaf and its helpful especially with redd paintings. dunno if anyone plays the stalk market but is a really good site to predict when you'll have good prices. if i happen to get...
  2. Zee

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    i just restarted my island after a month and got some of my favorite villagers (muffy!! LUCKY!!!!) and better diy in a week than i got the whole time on my first island. \o/
  3. Zee

    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    I think I'm just gonna wait til it releases and watch a playthrough. For starters, I really think tlou is one of those games that absolutely did not need a sequel and benefited more from having the audience sit with the uncomfortable ending, but eh. story spoilers for tlou2 leaks:
  4. Zee

    T&A; Tifa and Aerith

    i can't believe i got everything i ever wanted with aerti in this remake....aerith really said "it's a date" to tifa out loud in 2020 i'm blessed
  5. Zee

    Devotion 2.0 - CloudxAerith

    aerith catcalling cloud while he's dancing on stage and drooling over him in his dress solidified this couple as iconic and untouchable. my god. everyone else wishes they had the range
  6. Zee

    T&A; Tifa and Aerith

    there's so much aerti in the remake i love always winning!!
  7. Zee

    Changes in the Fandom

    aeris was never trying to "recreate" her relationship with zack, she was just curious about someone who, at least surface level, seemed a lot like him. aeris has a weird relationship with shinra. she hates them, but also says tseng is her best friend and the only person who knew her. it's pretty...
  8. Zee

    Changes in the Fandom

    compilation aeris is a hollowed out robot they put in aeris' place and i hope they get the real her back in time for the remake
  9. Zee

    Mass Effect Series

    are they really only letting us play as humans? bioware why. have you learned nothing about your fandom
  10. Zee

    Changes in the Fandom

    she asked cloud to walk her home once because she thought he was cute and then when she finds out he actually took his bodyguard job Very Seriously decides to take the piss out of him until she dies edit: i take it back because i just remembered when he passes out in near death in advent...
  11. Zee

    Aerith or Aeris?

    because sephiroth is a scrub and aeris is a goddess who deserves a nice soft s sound at the end of her name
  12. Zee

    Aerith or Aeris?

    it'll be a cold day in hell before i call her aerith i could give af about spelling it the "right" way if it means millions of people are going to say it the wrong way
  13. Zee


    i remember when i was playing ffvii one time my dad walked into my room and dead up asked me why i was playing a game that looked worse than crash bandicoot
  14. Zee

    Changes in the Fandom

    if lesbian tumblr is awake when the game drops this problem will be solved in a solid week
  15. Zee

    What Comics Are You Reading?

    lumberjanes, saga (not caught up yet), and rat queens
  16. Zee

    What games are you currently playing?

    darkest dungeon. god i love this frustrating as fuck game it's wonderful
  17. Zee


    >fire up minecraft >find the perfect spot for my house >lovingly cultivate my crops >set up elaborate botania area >see there's a resonant rise 3 update >log into world again >error with world chunks? weird >there's lava. lava in my entire house. i'm burning to death >revive at spawn, teleport...
  18. Zee

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    okay so this game has the dark and gritty stuff but PLEASE square remember the game had a good sense of humor, something you've been sorely lacking. weird shit happened all the time. the characters would give each other shit and take the piss like real friends. please don't forget that. it's...
  19. Zee

    Hopes for the remake (gameplay/combat)

    i want ffxiii style combat bite m e haters
  20. Zee


    i think it's going to come down to a ratings battle. in the same way movies attempt to stay pg 13 to reach a wider audience, they might try to keep ff7 the teen rating it got away with all those years ago. but with the detail that comes with modern games half the shit they got away with back...
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