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    I'm a little confused..

    So we all know that Cloud killed Sephiroth right?... but where did he get that incredible strength from? I'm confused, because I thought that he killed Sephiroth after he was injected with jenova cells but that wasn't the case... also Cloud's eyes have always been blue? Where they blue so that...
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    Is this site really active?

    I just recently joined yesterday because I wanted to post stuff.. So Hi everyone. Lol! I know there are a few forum sites I joined in the past and they weren't really active..I guess kids now a days aren't really into forums as much as other things.. >.< !! Well hope to talk lots about video...
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    Zack's Parents..I think I'm going to cry.

    Is there really no way to inform Zack's parents about his death? I heard that you can't ever tell them because it wasn't programmed into the original final fantasy. Well I'm currently replaying ffvii right now and I'm super sad because I can't tell his parents what happened even though cloud...
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