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    Lost Soul Aside - New Trailer

    Saw the first trailer back in 2016. I just hope this game will not be canceled! God help this man finish his masterpiece!
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    Playstation 5

    Amazing how they have sold so many and yet they are still so hard to get.... I need one for my bf and had no luck finding one anywhere at all....not even close.
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    Playstation 5

    I, too, had the first impression of it.:lol: The only tiny wee-bit complaint I have is the price hike of ps5 games. It's just absurd for me.
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    FF6's 26th NA Birthday Today - Made Huge Vid to Celebrate

    I remember playing this game after my class in elem, my mom always furious because it's the first thing I do after school lol.
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    Sunset Overdrive, best Insomniac game so far?

    This game is awesome. I've described it to people as Jet Set Radio Future meets Left 4 Dead, which I think works pretty well. I beat the storyline a while back, but the replay value is excellent. I'm still completing all the side quests and getting all the collectibles. There are a lot of...
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    Happy Birthday Sasseli!

    Better late than never...happy birthday! :orgy:
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    Wonder Woman

    so it's August 24th then, can't wait
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    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    Exactly the same situation here. If only the lockdown did not start so early, I could have had it.
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    Remake Merchandise

    Ahahaha lol!
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    FFVIIR Original Soundtrack

    Looks like another FF series original soundtrack going to be added on my collections LOL
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