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    Fan concept for Cait Sith ability list.

    Fan concept for Cait Sith's ability list. Ocher M Phone: (None Gamble) Catcall: Increases Aggro and doubles defense regardless of any other formula Upgrade: Increases durration of Catcall status. Blanc M-Phone Coin Toss : Heads, enemy stagger damage increases by 10 %. Can stack 4...
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    how do I delete account?

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    The Lifestream Lounge Guest List.

    So this is an open call to the entire TLS community to help me produce a list of artists, composers, fanfiction writers, cosplayers, mod makers, streamers, fandubbers, ANYONE and everyone who you feel has has made a big impact on the Final Fantasy fandom with their creative content. I need a...
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    Game Analysis #4: 30th Anniversary FFVII Remake Farewell Stories Exhibition Artworks

    Very late, but its done. Behold. Or something. :p
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    Final Fantasy VII New threat Mod Interview

    In roughly a week's time I'll be attempting my first of hopefully many interviews with people who have made a splash in the Final Fantasy community, to go up on either the news site or our youtube channel. The first person I'm interviewing is SegaChief, the creator of the Final Fantasy NT mod...
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    Midgar: A Hypothetical Video Essay Part One (Cultures)

    So I'm taking a leaf out of X-Soldier's book. I have this super ambitious video essay concept in mind where I explore what a fully realized Midgar based game would be like, using New York City and Tokyo as the main inspirations. So with that said, that is a HUGE undertaking for just me on my...
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    Alternative Gameplay Styles?

    I just started playing Tomb Raider...and I suck at it... I've never played "Parkour" survival action before, and I'm fascinated with how the quick-time events are handled. Makes me wonder if instead of just swinging automatically out of safety, Cloud has to navigate the falling debris of the...
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    Halloween 2018

    Welp, everyone deserves at least one good scare, right? While we all wait for IT 2019, at least we'll be getting some iconic horror in the form of the return of Michael Meyers October 19th! Set in a new timeline (...There are several already) where Michael was caught the same night, and locked...
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    New Materia Uses.

    Materia isn't always used directly in combat, or as a command at least. Though rare, you did have things like Chocobo Lure, Encounter Up/Down, and Underwater. Between being a new battle system with an action-set up, and just an overall more interactive world, what are some other uses for...
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    Final Fantasy VII-R Cross Marketing Expectations?

    I'm probably gonna regret this thread, given the nature of the internet... But I'm curious what people expect from the marketing tie-ins. Final Fantasy XV showed the largest push for cross-marketing, both in the game and out. I don't think I need to list them, but for a few ideas, we've seen...
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    JENOVA's identity as a female organism...

    Y'know, I kinda wonder now why the writers decided to code JENOVA as a female. I mean, yes, there's the 2 minute deception of her being Sephiroth's mother, but physically the creature that can be anything it wants to still seems to want to create overtly biologically female elements. The...
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    New Face Of Cloud Potentially Found This image has been found by chance on Tumblr. Thoughts?
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    Casting Call for Final Fantasy VII Narrated Trailer.

    Casting Call for Final Fantasy VII Narrated Trailer. So I got a little creative itch. It bugged me that the original teaser trailer choose a track that only exists in Advent Children, and after some experimentation with various covers of Final Fantasy VII tracks, I came up with this. This...
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    Corpse Party: Lets Play (Test episode)

    This is an "Episode 0" of sorts. Basically testing out whether or not this works and such. Basically, rip this apart: Tell me if I'm not funny, not talking enough, talking too much, if the sound levels are off, whatever I need to know so that I can get on the right track, or abort this all...
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    My Sister Silvia (Read on Chilling Tales for Dark Nights)

    Three months of writing, and then 8 months waiting, and it arrives! Proof of my worth as an author! At least on the small scale. I couldn't be prouder to have my work be apart of something much bigger, by an amazing narrator!
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    Lizzy Plays Kingdom Hearts

    So, as some of you guys know, I share my house with a lot of extended family, played to the number of an aunt, uncle, my aunt's daughter, and her three children (5, 3, and almost 2). The oldest, Lizzy, has taken to video games. She loves Sonic the most, but she's eager to play anything I do...
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    Boss and Battle gimicks

    Among the 8 roles Square just announced they are hiring for, one of them is Battle Planner, which is stated to involve developing unique elements for boss battles. We already know that Scorpion Guard has some unique battle modes, one of which involves raining down missiles that need to be...
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    Congratulations Unit-01 on Graduating 2017!

    Off into the world with you with bright dreams and great ambitions! Everyone give the bro the grats he deserves for surviving four of the worst years of life so far! Way to go bro!
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    If you were in the FFVII world as a non-npc

    AKA: You had the equivalent of a main character in terms of abilities. I'm poking at my MisterSpooks persona, for some future fan art commissions. I'd like to know what unique weapon and builds you'd envision yourself using. For me, essentially the classic Thief/Pirate style build. Press the...
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    New things and plot points I want to see (spoilers)

    1. I want to see that there are Cloud clones running around by the time they get to North Crater, so that Cloud has a real reason to start doubting his identity, rather than based on Sephiroth's say so and no physical evidence. 2. Aerith should dissolve into lifestream swirls while being...
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