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    Project Luminous- Collection of Star Wars Stories

    If there's an existing thread for this, I didn't find it. I know we have plenty of Star Wars threads, but this doesn't quite fit into any of them and I wanted to be able to find this again if I needed to. If you don't know, this is a multi story project building new settings in the era 200...
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    TLS 2020 Community Playthrough: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    Imagine a Clever, Artistically Brilliant Banner Here Welcome one and all, to TLS' Community Playthrough for 2020! This year it's Metal Gear Solid 2, a well known game originally released for the PS2 and later the XBox. It is also available for PS3 as part of the MGS HD Collection. Given that...
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    Stock Fantasy Settings and Change

    So, in another thread, we were talking about coding societies and stock medieval fantasy settings before we got sidetracked. I picked out some relevant posts, if I missed any, feel free to slot them in. @Obsidian Fire @Cat on Mars @anyone else that cares I know I have problems with story...
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    Open world gameplay and storytelling

    Hi folks, So, I've just finished FFXV, and without going too much into spoilers, it starts out open world, but when the plot picks up, the options narrow a good deal. And it occurred to me that open world games tend to be weaker, storywise than the alternative. I mean, the best open world I've...
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    Good survival horror games

    Yo. So I recently played Siren Blood Curse and enjoyed it, so I was wondering if y'all could recommend some survival horror ish series, as I haven't played much beyond Resident Evil I'm kind of old fashioned in my gaming habits, I like individual enemies to have weight, which has gotten rarer...
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    Misc Star Wars Tangents

    Sup folks. So, I appear to post a lot about Star Wars lately, and have recently ended up doing a kind of hostile takeover of the Star Wars thread by accident. Rather than force everyone to read it all the time, I figured I should quarantine at least some of it, starting from the latest post. If...
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    What breaks your immersion?

    In all the things you've read/watched/played etc, what can you accept as part of the story, and what breaks your suspension of disbelief? What can you roll with for the sake of a story, and what is impossible to? Just because this came up in the 'what should be left out of FF7' thread?
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    What is Hojo a Professor of?

    What do you think he's qualified in? Lucrecia is in Biotech, but what qualification would fit Hojo's responsibilities as we know of them. Assuming no customised Shinra qualification, what's he most likely to need in his line of work? Biomedical engineering? Natural Sciences? Medicine?
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    Hojo and lies

    Question, TLS. I have a headcanon about Hojo where he doesn't really lie to people, not because he's compelled to, but just because he doesn't care enough. So I was wondering if there was anything in canon that disproves that. He withholds information sometimes, but seems to otherwise be honest...
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    Sell Me Rogue One

    So, this is coming out in a few days, and I feel like I should be more interested. So, hit me, TLS... What makes this movie something to be excited about?
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    Dirge of Cerberus Fan Club

    I know we're a minority on the board, but this game deserves more love. It has its faults, but there's also a lot to like. I made a thread about that a while ago, but now I felt the need to talk about it some more. The game that actually shows you the wider world after the OG, and does it's...
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    Starting point for large franchises

    Sup. So, have you ever found it hard to get into franchises because you don't know where to start, because they have loads of instalments that you're not sure are connected or not? Like, I watched half of Fate/Zero , but then started wondering if it would be better to watch Fate/Stay Night...
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    The Door to Deepground

    That door that the rescue team is opening on TV at the start... do we see it at any point in the rest of the game?
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    Are good bossfights gone out of fashion?

    I watched Rise of the Tomb Raider on Youtube lately, and honestly, was kind of disappointed in the Final dungeon. And then I got to thinking, and realised that most games I've played lately haven't had many satisfying bossfights. The Arkham games' only major weakness was the lack of good...
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    Real World References in Different Universes (Fiction)

    So, I came across a reference to 'SWAT teams' in a world that doesn't have an earth, and it kind of took me out of the world, because SWAT refers to a specific type of unit in the US, it only became a way to describe that kind of unit because of TV, other countries call it something else. But I...
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    Random Milestone

    This is my 900th post on TLS, which would have had no significance whatsoever, except that it puts me at roughly 1/10 of Imperator Furiosa's post count. The last hundred flew, which means I'm either getting more loquacious or losing my sense of the progression of time. Anyway, I've been here...
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    Five Reasons Dirge is a Better Game than people think.

    So, I was playing this lately, and I noticed a couple of things Dirge actually does pretty well when you think about it. 1: Representation of Women: For better or worse, I've played a fair few games. You know what never happens? Random, killable female NPCs on both sides. You get female...
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    Aeris was never kidnapped in Modeoheim, right? I reviewed somebody that thinks so, but I'm almost certain I'm right, I never saw anything that indicated it.
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    Projects that you would like to do but won't

    Anyone else got a bunch of these? I've been contemplating a Legacy of Kain/Twilight crossover fic, taken as seriously as I possibly can, but the odds of actually doing it are pretty slim. The Cullen clan plus Vampire Bella and Jacob are transported to Nosgoth and try to carve out a slice of...
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    Idea: TLS x-com:enemy unknown

    I came across a Youtube walkthrough lately for this game, and it struck me as a good project for somewhere like this. The Youtuber was naming his soldiers after his subscribers and anyone interested could write journals in character. I know it's probably too soon for another playthrough, but I...
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