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  1. BlueCollarNerd

    Spoiler tags, badges, and questions?

    Got a few questions that i tried to find answers to but came up empty handed. Nothing important mostly curiosity and QOL things. Is there a list of badges and what that are and how they are earned. How to label a spoiler tag so it doesn't just say spoiler. Is there a way to put multiple...
  2. BlueCollarNerd


    Did a search and came up empty handed so figured I'd give it a thread. Great show if you have not seen it. I watch it on Hulu in the USA.
  3. BlueCollarNerd

    Long time first time

    Hello from Maine, U.S.A The title says it all. I've visited the lifestream many times in the past and have been very active since the announcement in 2015. I haven't played the remake yet for a few reasons. One being that I do not own a ps4 and with the ps5 so near to its release i'd...
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