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  1. Dfantasy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I've notice sun glare at viewing angles are horrible, for instance, if you are inside looking out a door at enemies, the sun is so bright you can't see them until you step outside, or for instance, I am taking my beasty for a spin, at a level viewing distance I can't see a thing I have to look...
  2. Dfantasy

    Fate/Grand Order

    Just on the Navigator of the Storm part made me think of Francis Drake and he did do stuff during 1573 from a quick search. Piratits return?
  3. Dfantasy

    What games are you currently playing?

    Playing Returnal while waiting for FFVI!
  4. Dfantasy

    Playstation 5

    Announcing PlayStation’s new Partnership with Discord – SIE Blog – English For all those who don't know. It's a communication platform, kinda like Skype / Zoom / Facebook / AVForums with elements of each. So in the PC app, you can voice call, video call, and have groups (like Playstation...
  5. Dfantasy

    Lost Soul Aside - New Trailer

    I wonder if he already accepted Sony's offer. He's been offered funding and a team by Sony and epic, however, he hasn't accepted it before.
  6. Dfantasy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Dang, I wish I have an upgraded PC, though I haven't bought it on any platform yet, I'm definitely interested in trying it out but I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer.
  7. Dfantasy


    For real?! Does anyone know an anime site who has all the evangelion season? Need to watch them again! Thanks!
  8. Dfantasy

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Is it true that if you play this game on PC, you won't meet to many glitches or bugs? Only played this on PS5 and I stopped playing it when I see an NPC floating lmao.
  9. Dfantasy

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    I'd like to support this idea so we can all have closure on Zack's real status LOL.
  10. Dfantasy


    Haha, you betcha!
  11. Dfantasy

    Why is mako coming out of the reactors?

    That's true, but I was wondering, the Jenova virus can infect every monster, right?
  12. Dfantasy

    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    It's kind of sad to know how their story will end up, but also I'm pretty much looking forward to this as much.
  13. Dfantasy


    I like quiz! LOL 1. Of course it will always be Cloud and Tifa-sama! 2. It's a combined word for Cloud and Tifa-sama haha. 3. I'm not sure? Feed them to the Malboros lol!
  14. Dfantasy


    Thank you all! :desucait:
  15. Dfantasy

    PlayStation 4

    That button is always the first one to go blurred when I buy a new controller lmao.
  16. Dfantasy


    Thanks, man, nice meeting you and everyone!
  17. Dfantasy


    Hi, people who, I would guess, have a similar passion for Final Fantasy and RPG as I do. I come in peace to socialize with you in these times and hopefully have fun with a bunch of nice people!. I play a bit of everything that doesn't include sports and MMO (but I know I would get addicted to...
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