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  1. Cloudskye

    Yep. I'm Leaving

    Title says it all. I really don't see myself posting here anymore. I know you all don't give a shit anyways, so, I don't know why I'm wasting my breath. You need me, look up my MSN. I'm always on. Later. ~Skye
  2. Cloudskye

    I'll Be Back...

    Eventually. :monster: Starting tomorrow, I'll have no 'net access until after the new year. So, if I don't get to talk to you on MSN... :joy: Everyone have a merry Christmas and and excellent new year! :joy: ~ Kels
  3. Cloudskye

    Happy Birthday Neo!

    I'm not even sure if you even come here anymore. XD Happy birthday just the same! :joy:
  4. Cloudskye

    Happy Birthday Arianna!!!

    Hope it's a good one! ♥♥♥ :joy:
  5. Cloudskye

    Database Errors?

    I've gotten about 4 of them in the past 10 minutes. 2 of them when I went to access my user CP. The other 2 were member profiles....
  6. Cloudskye

    Yo Fire!

    Happy birthday Fire!!!! :monster:
  7. Cloudskye

    I'm back

    It must have been peaceful without me, I guess. My vacation sucked.. But my mom finally decided to give me back my computer time... Which is shocking. ~ CS
  8. Cloudskye

    Vacation and Such

    Yeah, I'm going on vacation for least a week. I'll try and get on a bit now and then. I'm going to some boat parade in Ocean City, NJ. I seem to always have to go each year... It gets boring after a while though. ~ CS
  9. Cloudskye

    Maximum Ride (Future Movie and Books)

    Anyone read the books? And, as to make the whole thing worse, they're making a movie, but it's possible they'll cast Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for Maximum and Fang. Haven't we seen enough of those two already?
  10. Cloudskye

    How long...

    ...Did it take you to beat DoC? And which level? Hell, I don't even remember what level I was using... But it only took me about 10 hours.
  11. Cloudskye

    Banned Users?

    I haven't seen a topic on this so I though I'd ask. I know FCF and the old ACF had a banned users section, so will there be one on here? :huh: Just curious.
  12. Cloudskye


    Never thought I'd see something like this again. Nice job. ~ Cloudskye ~
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