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  1. RedFFWolf

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    xM5xUAuPEM8 I can't find the words to express how stoked I am about this. I've been hoping for this since Crash was remade, and have been checking news on a daily basis since rumours popped up last month. Heck, less than 2 hours ago I was only checking and saw a new piece of info regarding an...
  2. RedFFWolf

    TLS & Mind the Pom - Thank You

    I struggled for the longest time yesterday, but perhaps now I have the words to capture my appreciation, gratitude and sheer love for what was one of the most memorable weekends I've ever experienced. Though I had plenty surrounding me to create such an overwhelming experience, it wouldn't have...
  3. RedFFWolf

    KupoCon - Toronto, Dec 3, 2017

    KupoCon Pomtario - Toronto, Dec 3 2017 I know it's early days still, but here's a good oul' thread to keep info about this event for anyone keen on going, and I figure it my duty to get in here about it before :watchingu: anyone else :watchingu: In the spirit of TLS, here are my copy-pasted...
  4. RedFFWolf

    Thank you, TLS - "The Big Pom"

    Hey! So a good few of you have probably seen my TL;DR post on FB (it was an attempt to be short, but it just...didn't...), and I'll have posted elsewhere on TLS by the time I post this, but I just wanna say thank you. The first KupoCon event, Newark, was a great success, and no other group I...
  5. RedFFWolf

    FFVII Monopoly Board Game

    Hopefully not the wrong place for this: Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Board Game - From Artwork and other contents are subject to change (the box cover is clearly a temporary thing). Preorders are being taken now. Description: Delve into the evolving city of Midgar in search of the...
  6. RedFFWolf

    Happy Belated Birthday, Road

    Though I cannot be sure you will end up seeing this, it wouldn't be right to let the day pass without the mention! Okay, the day did pass, but the year did not so happy birthday and here's hoping it was a great one for ya :)
  7. RedFFWolf

    FFX/X-2 HD - Coming to Steam, May 12

    Unless I'm mistaken, this is fairly out of the blue. FFX/X-2 HD Remaster on Steam - May 12 Sample Source 1 Sample Source 2 To think of the wait people endured for FFIX on Steam to even announce its release date, haha. Anyway, a nice surprise :)
  8. RedFFWolf

    Spyro the Dragon - Unreal Engine

    Somebody has begun a project to redesign the first Spyro the Dragon game using Unreal Engine 4. While many different sites (Kotaku, Cinema Blend, and Games Radar, for example) present the images and discuss their interest in seeing more, the creator's Reddit account does in fact point out that...
  9. RedFFWolf

    RedFFWolf's Creative Space

    For all the miscellaneous things I create or do on a sporadic basis, I figured I'd lump any past projects and current ones here. I like to try my hand at many things, though some creations will certainly expose what little experience (and talents) I have in particular areas :P Nonetheless, if...
  10. RedFFWolf

    The Muppets (New TV Series)

    Anybody else watching the new Muppets series that premiered on ABC back in late September? It came onto Sky 1 a while ago and I'm absolutely hooked. It depicts the personal and private lives of the cast and crew (the muppet characters, of course) of the show, "Up Late with Miss Piggy", styled...
  11. RedFFWolf

    Final Fantasy: Battle Royale

    What's that? POW! Hopefully that image sums up exactly what this thread title means! :) (My friend drew all the characters - I just can't draw) After reviving a dead project from years ago, starting from scratch, I am happy to present the first piece of fiction I have written in many a year...
  12. RedFFWolf

    Super Mario Maker

    So this bundle of joy was released today, and I have awoken to it arriving on my doorstep! Won't get a chance to try it out till later though. Anybody else getting/got this? Super excited to play levels worthy of extracting one's hair over and making sneaky little creations to unveil one's...
  13. RedFFWolf

    Music Remixes

    Unless I'm making up things I think I've seen (which I totally believe my mind is wholly capable of), I'm sure somewhere in the FFVII forums there is a thread for remixes of the music. A search in this forum and The Venue (though forgive me if I have overlooked something, my search skills not...
  14. RedFFWolf

    FFVII Confessions & Mishaps

    I tried looking through past topics and relevant searches, but I could not find a topic similar enough to this - if there is one, I apologise, and this could either be deleted or merely addressed as a fresh start. If you're like me, and played FFVII for the first time at a relatively younger...
  15. RedFFWolf

    FFVII Rehab? Never!

    Hey Everyone! I'm not one to introduce myself on Forums, but by doing so here, I hope it encourages active membership on my part and kickstarts a fresh approach to quality engagement! I started young playing FFVII, and hence didn't appreciate it as much as I do now after a dry spell of almost...
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