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  1. Bonaventura

    Similarities Between Genesis and Kuja

    Kuja is the Shakespeare of Final Fantasy. Genesis came and tried to steal Kuja's title... ... he failed miserably. :awesomonster:
  2. Bonaventura

    What do you wanna see next in the Complication?

    If it were by my choice, I'd probably like both the remake and the last game that will wrap up everything and end the Compilation. Remake... well... I'm sure most of the FF7 fan population would like to see an upgraded original game and fix some inconsistencies lingering about. If they will...
  3. Bonaventura

    What's this then?

    Uber craftsmanship? Or maybe the staff had too much time on their hands. I looks like dried leather of some sort, that much I can theorize. -_-
  4. Bonaventura

    Cloud vs Sephiroth

    *resists the temptation* Being without sound sucks at the moment, so I'll rather wait. :P
  5. Bonaventura

    Last Film You've Seen

    ''Slumdog Millionaire'' Just today, our school went to to the cinema to watch it. At first I thought I wouldn't like it, but it surprised me. The editing was really cool done, thought some parts could easily sent a shiver down my spine. I actually liked how he came up with all the answers by...
  6. Bonaventura

    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete SCENE CHANGES COMPILATION. *SPOILERS*

    Wow, wow, wow.... more wow. Dammit, those are some intense scenes! I am unable to look away, but at the same time I wanna be spoiled even more. It's so grotesque and bright, but so interesting... dear lord, look at that blood. It feels so real. Ohohoho, my drawing teacher is gonna love this. He...
  7. Bonaventura

    First look at Cloud in OVA?

    Nice find :) Imo, the hair and the suit look like Tseng, but at the same time I wanna say Reeve, even thought he doesn't have long hair.
  8. Bonaventura

    Things that piss you off

    My computer, it's reliable as much as dog's crap xP
  9. Bonaventura

    ACC OST?

    They better release a new soundtrack. If not for anything else, just for the extra cash while they're at it. :awesomonster:
  10. Bonaventura

    New OPM and EDGE FF XIII scans ... I only just now noticed that Lightning wears a lightning shaped necklace xD Other than that, the game looks amazing. :joy:
  11. Bonaventura

    Happy Birthday BBM

    Happy B-day... I've been saying that like three days in a row now. o_O
  12. Bonaventura

    ... Happy Birthday CelesChere <3

    Happy B-day. Have a god one. :monster:
  13. Bonaventura

    ForceStealer needs some love.

    Happy B-Day, Forcey. ;)
  14. Bonaventura

    I only joined to show Road something and because Tennyo wanted me to :wacky:

    Dude, I didn&#039;t even notice you. :monster: Welcome. :duhard:
  15. Bonaventura

    The SpoonyOne

    Hilarious dude. I can&#039;t get enough of his reviews, especially FFVIII. I kinda like seeing people like him tearing shit apart with games.
  16. Bonaventura

    Well he wasn't made from scratch.

    Isn&#039;t it usually a small error in the game when a speech box appears like that? I&#039;m sure I&#039;ve seen it at least once in my game. It cuts off some dialogue sometimes, but nothing else. Just wondering; how do people find these scenes? Through Debug room?
  17. Bonaventura

    Things that piss you off

    It&#039;s nothing when you hear it first, but people in my school constantly play that goddamn sound. I have a good hearing, which is why it&#039;s worse to me. People asking me EVEN after almost two years, &#039;&#039;Why did you go on a construction school?&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;Why...
  18. Bonaventura

    Things that piss you off

    ... it&#039;s a high pitched frequency resembling those of mosquitoes, supposedly it cannot be heard by adults. :duhard:
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