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  1. cmXT

    bringing back the tags

  2. cmXT

    large grefexz0r

    Both WIPS... CnC would be cool
  3. cmXT


    not too active at the moment, eh - collab with riot(?) and an lp, very boring bg, be warned this time, instead of just saying good as always or w/e, would be cool if you guys pointed out what was wrong in some of the tags/lp, or if you have any advice
  4. cmXT

    we should get

    all the old acf people here, instead of like, just the 4 or 5 of us (?)
  5. cmXT

    tumblr thread :0

    If you dont have it, then sign up here :D list of tumblr users : cmxt - BurnTheArsonist Hylian Mogget - Sundials Cookie Monster - Mr-Dillinger Hylian Panda - HylianPanda Mimura - Duffbee DNA - L33l00 Luxembourg - Saladays Cerri - YesVindictive Oxydox - FFIX Mikeylland - Mikeylland post up...
  6. cmXT

    moar tags and 2 shitty shits ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't let me drown conceptual piece, was messing with the idea of letting the word 'drown' underneath the bubble, and...
  7. cmXT

    lets drawwww

    okay, so im seeing alot of drawing on here, so lets make a game of it :) each person who posts a drawing has to set a new object, animal, person or anything for the next person to draw, if something is set and it hasnt been drawn within a week, someone can make a post setting a new 'task'...
  8. cmXT

    continue teh wip... if you can ;D
  9. cmXT

    1337 grefex

  10. cmXT

    i need vector practice

    so if you have any innovative ideas or good looking stocks or images of anything at all, would be great if you could share :D this could be called a 'concept thread' aswel i guess, for sharing concepts with eachother
  11. cmXT

    new stuff =/

    irl problems atm D: still manage to make quite alot of stuff though... =/
  12. cmXT

    KH & KH2 Training spots

    so yeah, getting to lvl 100 on kingdom hearts 1 and 2 is being a real drag, anyone got any good training spots that give good exp and are fast?
  13. cmXT

    hey ^^

    why did i not know about this? xD some of you if you went to ACF's graphics section might know me D: if not im sure you'll get to haha
  14. cmXT

    vector practice.

    so ive been practicing vectoring and pumping them out hoping to get even slightly better was mainly focusing on the actual vectors rather than the backgrounds, but critisism for the backgrounds are welcome too ^^ from new to old --
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