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  1. LicoriceAllsorts

    The Five Bosses of Godo's Pagoda

    I was asking on tumblr about the etymology of some Wutai place names, and recieved a reply that led me to this on the wiki "All the bosses in the Wutai Pagoda appear to have a link to theater. Shake is likely a shortened version of Shakespeare, the most famous English playwright. The intention...
  2. LicoriceAllsorts

    FFVII and the nature of grief

    There's a great meta post by the materiodictable over at tumble on how FFVII OG uses game mechanics to explore the nature of grief. It's worth reading the whole thing but here's an extract She also gives the famous Kitase quotation, "“When you lose someone you loved very much you feel this...
  3. LicoriceAllsorts

    "Saved": Preserving video games

    Interesting podcast from The Digital Human series, featuring a guy called Mike Finkelstein aka DarkMoon from the FF Randomizer community; I'm assuming some people here know him.
  4. LicoriceAllsorts

    Final Fantasy VII: Secrets, Strategies, Solutions

    Has anyone ever heard of this book? Final Fantasy VII: Secrets, Strategies, Solutions. By Russell Murray. I want to know why it's worth 80 quid!
  5. LicoriceAllsorts

    On The Way To A Smile, Japanese version

    Does anyone know where I can read these Novellas in Japanese online? Specifically Case of Shinra?
  6. LicoriceAllsorts

    How do you pronounce Nibelheim?

    I always pronounced it in my head as Nibbleheim, as this would seem to be the correct pronunciation in German, and it seems like German word. But I hear it pronounced (by North Americans) as Neebleheim, which grates on my ears. If it were pronounced Neebleheim, it ought to be spelled...
  7. LicoriceAllsorts

    A Finely Tuned Piece

    I know you all want to read it, so here it is: Fenrir/Shinra Helicopter, by Sepulbadis It is well worth a read - the most hilarious spoof of smut-fic I've ever read.
  8. LicoriceAllsorts

    Remake Podcasts

    I really like listening to podcasts. Can anyone recommend a good podcast review of the Remake?
  9. LicoriceAllsorts

    Nonsensical Whispers

    The Arbiters of Fate have irked me. Chadley Fortnum has irked me. Rufus's belt-crinoline has irked me. I have written a snarky fanfic to get back at them. It inevitably features Rufus and the Turks. Enjoy Nonsensical Whispers
  10. LicoriceAllsorts

    Does anyone know where I can download a safe, free copy of Minecraft?

    It needs to be clean and safe. It doesn't need to be state of art. An older version would be fine. I want to get my students to build a Greek temple. Alternatively, does anyone know of free software which they could use to build a temple?
  11. LicoriceAllsorts

    Suggest a game for my students

    I am looking for a relatively short game - 2 to 4 hours - that is free, easy to play, and has an interesting message. I was thinking of using "Gone Home" or "Papers, Please", but they aren't free. The purpose is for the students to play the game and analyse its effectiveness as a medium of...
  12. LicoriceAllsorts

    Dragon Quest: Your Story

    I just stumbled across this on Netflix (and amazingly, it was subtitled in English). I am a HUGE Dragon Quest nerd and I absolutely loved it. It was completely true to the visual style, the running gags, the comforting predictability, and the general nuttiness of these games. Probably my...
  13. LicoriceAllsorts

    Youtube Premium

    Does anyone here use it? If you do, are you happy with it? I'm thinking of getting it because it would make it easy for me to download a bunch of audio I need.
  14. LicoriceAllsorts

    Apparently Wendy's has made a tabletop game

    And are paying Critical Role to play it. I don't know if this is true, I'm just passing it on....
  15. LicoriceAllsorts

    What did Cloud mean when he said this?

    OK I know this topic has probably been discussed to death, but today I realised that after so many years in the fandom, I still don't know what Cloud meant when he delivered his famous last lines: Cloud An answer from the Planet... the Promised Land... I think I can meet her...there. "Her" is...
  16. LicoriceAllsorts

    Governments in FFVII

    Invitation to speculate: I wonder who actually makes the laws in the world of FFVII. Obviously, Shinra does whatever it likes with impunity, but I doubt the Board is interesting in spending its days debating poop-scoop bylaws or legal ages for drink and consent. Midgar has a Mayor, who is so...
  17. LicoriceAllsorts

    Barret post-Meteor

    I didn't want to hijack Shademp's DoC thread so I'm making this one. Question: is it specifically stated either in DoC or elsewhere that Barret was explicitly working for the World Regenesis Organisation in his quest for a replacement fuel? or is that simply assumed by fans? Thanks! Edited to...
  18. LicoriceAllsorts

    Were Cloud and Co famous for saving the Planet?

    After Meteor, did Cloud and his party become famous as 'Saviours of the Planet' or something like that? I have a feeling this is mentioned somewhere, and yet in most of the post-OG material that I'm familiar with, they seem to go about their daily lives quite anonymously. Also where was Reeve...
  19. LicoriceAllsorts

    Philosophy games

    Can anyone recommend some short indie games that deal with philosophical issues, by which I mean - ethics: what does it mean to be a good person? What is morally permissible? Can there be objective standards for morality or is it all relative? What are the main different ethical systems in...
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