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  1. Isabella

    Aerith or Tifa?

    First of all, this is NOT an LTD thread so let's leave Cloud out of it. This is in response to the 'Cloud or Zack?' thread. I thought we should do one for the leading ladies as well. So which girl do you think makes the best all-around character and why? Do you prefer Tifa's level-headedness and...
  2. Isabella

    First look at Cloud in OVA?

    Here's a picture of the 4/24 issue of Famitsu. Not much new except for that picture at the bottom left. I can't remember seeing a picture of Cloud in the OVA yet, but I may have just missed it. And who's that person standing in the back? Any guesses? SOURCE.
  3. Isabella


    I can has cookie monster? :monster: Some of you might remember me from that other place. Or not. :neo: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster: :monster:
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