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  1. Darkbeat

    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    Oh my god...episode 2 is amazing!!! I lol'd so hard. Have to say the legend of korra is awesome and I'm loving the whole pro-bending.
  2. Darkbeat

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    I finally sat down today and started to play...been doing some sidequests, tasks and roaming around for most part. Must say that it's a nice game and I'll likely be enjoying it for quite a while.
  3. Darkbeat

    What games are you currently playing?

    Switching between Crisis Core, Dark Souls and Kingdoms of Amalur...mainly Dark Souls until I get frustrated because again I get backstabbed by some assassin XD
  4. Darkbeat

    Happy Birthday Darkbeat! :D

    It's still the 27th over here so you're definitely not late ^^
  5. Darkbeat

    Happy Birthday Darkbeat! :D

    @Masa: Whahahaha yeah I do lurk a lot huh XD Should be more active here :P Thanks for the birthday wishes ^^ Had an awesome day, got new glasses and now I need to wait till I get the rest of my presents.
  6. Darkbeat

    What games are you currently playing?

    Been playing Skyrim a lot since I finished Skyward Sword some time ago. But very likely I'll be playing Dark Souls after today. Skyrim is nice, but after a while I'm getting tired of it tbh.
  7. Darkbeat

    Happy Birthday Darkbeat! :D

    LMAO!!! Oh man the good old days XD Thanks everyone ^^
  8. Darkbeat

    Live Action Ace Attorney Film

    I'm so looking forward to this...but I wonder why they added Dee Vasquez in it? The only cases that were mentioned correspond with Turnabout Sisters and Turnabout Goodbyes, which makes me wonder if they have more cases in the movie or simply mixed the cases... And where is Redd White?! He...
  9. Darkbeat

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    Oh man...just finished the story and it has quite the plot twist...Daaaaamn! But it was very enjoyable and now it is time to finish up some trophies XD But I was a sad panda near the end of the game...ah well now I want to know how the whole story continues.
  10. Darkbeat

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    Haven't done multi yet XD
  11. Darkbeat

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    Friggin' amazing game...that's all I can say now...just started it but hell it looks awesome and Ezio is badass
  12. Darkbeat

    Assassin's Creed (series)

    I HAVE IT!!!!!! OMG I'm about to start up my PS3 XD
  13. Darkbeat

    Suikoden team disbanded

    NO!!!! Definitely sucks indeed...was looking forward to a new Suikoden and now this /sadface
  14. Darkbeat

    Happy birthday Phoenix Wright

    "Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!" Happy birthday...this thread needs some PW/AJ XD
  15. Darkbeat

    What games are you currently playing?

    Replaying Suikoden V again...good times!
  16. Darkbeat

    Happy birthday X-Soldier

    Happy Birthday X ^^
  17. Darkbeat

    Mog's (Semi) Daily Game Recommendations (Snatcher)

    Suikoden is one of the most underrated RPG's ever, but seriously one of the best that I have ever played. Though each game does quite well as a stand-alone game, they all connect in the bigger picture, which makes it even more worthwhile to play the game. I agree with Aaron that Konami must've...
  18. Darkbeat

    LA Noire

    Pre-ordered it as well...I'm definitely looking forward to this game!
  19. Darkbeat

    Harry Potter and the Chitter of Chatting

    Dude for real start a subject yourself if it is dull XD
  20. Darkbeat

    What games are you currently playing?

    Yeah currently playing Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and need to pick up Pokemon White again But as soon as my Tales of the Abyss arrives I'll be playing that non-stop XD
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