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  1. BlueCollarNerd

    Playstation 5

    Overcooked is a super fun co-op game. My wife and I played quite a bit of it
  2. BlueCollarNerd

    What games are you currently playing?

    Trying Albion Online. Anyone ever played it? Been working on crafting and find it rather relaxing gathering materials for an hour or so before bed. Combo seems fun but haven't really spent much time fighting. Seems like it could be a fun sandbox to play in, but it's definitely a grind.
  3. BlueCollarNerd

    Metroid Series

    Kids(me) might be getting a switch for Christmas this year. This looks so smooth im already hooked just watching her slide around.
  4. BlueCollarNerd

    Dead Space

    Don't know how I missed the initial remake announcement, but I am so excited for this! Dead Space 1 is easily one of my favorite horror game of all time. Might even be my number 1. Yes you should, you are missing out. I think the first game is the best, 2 was disappointing story wise, 3 was...
  5. BlueCollarNerd

    Nintendo Switch (NX)

    This was disappointing.
  6. BlueCollarNerd

    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

    Do we have a release date yet?
  7. BlueCollarNerd

    Playstation 5

    @Lulcielid you are the first person im following here on TLS. Im super stoked for ratchet and clank. Definetly going to be the third title I buy when I get a ps5 after ff7r and ff7r 2. Always loved R&C after i played the ogs on ps2
  8. BlueCollarNerd

    Playstation 5

    Untill we get a release date for part 2 im not worried about getting one
  9. BlueCollarNerd

    Ryvius' Art [Space Omelette]

    Buster sword earings are awesome.
  10. BlueCollarNerd

    The Mandalorian: Star Wars Live Action Series

    You are in for a treat my friend. A great series all the way through.
  11. BlueCollarNerd

    Crisis Core Remake

    They have two chances to remake this scene. One with remake, which who knows how it will go. Im hoping more like the OG scene with cloud throwing seph in. Although remake also gets two chances its self to show that scene. Once from zlouds pov and the true clouds story. Two with Ever Crisis...
  12. BlueCollarNerd

    My name is

    Welcome to TLS. This makes me realise im getting older. On the other hand its always great to hear the game from my childhood is still being appreciated by the next generation. Im sure remake will continue its legacy as well. Back on track i enjoyed CCs additions to the series as well. Enjoy...
  13. BlueCollarNerd

    Heya folks!

    Welcome to the lifestream. The live chats have a thread here. They take place on discord and there is a link at the bottom of the forum homepage.
  14. BlueCollarNerd

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    I lurked all day while doing chores. I caught the end of it. New to discord and didnt realise my mic settings were set to touch to talk. Spent half the time trying to talk without my mic on smh.
  15. BlueCollarNerd

    Fantasian: Sakaguchi's new project

    Looks great and the music sounds promising. A title ill never play on mobile but maye get a chance in the future if it gets a steam port
  16. BlueCollarNerd


    We dont know that. All we know is they cant design a rocket to get to him which makes no sense considering all the tech the bonnes make and all the weapons roll makes for megaman.
  17. BlueCollarNerd

    Dragon Ball Super [Doragon Boru SUPA]

    Lol i just finished this in january
  18. BlueCollarNerd


    How does the megaman thread only have one page. I first played megaman at one of my brothers friends house as a little kid. I cant remember which one but it was on the NES. I loved it but was terrible at it. Fastforward to when i had a GBC i had megaman extreme and played that game for i dont...
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