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  1. sephirothpaine

    Repair Advent Children Cloud Polystone

    I recently bought a Cloud poly-stone, and when I got it part of the statue broke in shipping. Does anyone know someone that I may contact to have it repaired or a hobbyist? I'll upload pics of the break when I get home.
  2. sephirothpaine

    IS it just me or are the trade arts going creepy? Saw it on the JP se site and didn't see any threads for it. I think that it is creep to switch out faces :/
  3. sephirothpaine

    Official Sephiroth Bracelet? I personally think it is cool, but not the price. It's roughly about $400. I find it hard to believe that SE would release something in this price range without considering releasing the...
  4. sephirothpaine

    Dissidia special NA members site and give away.

    8/11/2009: DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY Special Site has launched! Set up your My Profile, choose an Allegiance for a chance to win exclusive prizes and learn more about the Special Characters in DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY! All members will receive 10 Member Points and the side with the most members on...
  5. sephirothpaine

    PS3 ACC bundle set It's bull, doesn't even get the logo!
  6. sephirothpaine

    Jump Fiesta 2009 Goodies?

    Just about every year, SE hands out free goodies at JF. Was there any FF7 related stuff handed out this year?
  7. sephirothpaine

    Places to buy FF stuff.

    I have a seller that buys for me on Yahoo!Japan I recommend and Has anyone ever bought from ? Do you recommend them?
  8. sephirothpaine

    List your offical FF7 stuf

    I'm a noob and have a big collection (I'm a show off =D ) so guys list your "offical" FF7 related crap..ummmmm stuff :monster: OK Here is some of my Collection. Games & Movies: *Final Fantasy VII *Dirge of Cerberus US *DC beta JP *DC JP *Crisis Core (Jp regular, US...
  9. sephirothpaine

    The maiden who travel the planet

    This is a book about Aeirth's afterlife in the lifestream, trying to save peoples dead "souls" from becoming part of Sephiroth during FF7. Does anyone have a link to the translations to the book? Discuss :monster:
  10. sephirothpaine

    Pup and master- AngealXZack club

    Okay, this is one very *posisible pairing* lol You guys know the drill, no flaming please. And post to be a memberlol Members ----------------- Sephirothpaine
  11. sephirothpaine

    The one true angel

    SEPHIROTH. This is a fan club to the Great Sephiroth. Talks about his shampoo are in curage^_^ and what he true does when "messing around in the company training room" :monster: No flames please.......oh I really need to reword that^^; Also, no religion-izing on here. Members...
  12. sephirothpaine

    Sword Boys- Sephy/Cloud club

    Ok, this is a yaoi base fan club for Sephy/Cloud. If you don't like the pairing, please reframe from posting here. This Club is for fans and supporters of the pairing. Please, no flaming. Thank you A friend of...
  13. sephirothpaine

    smilies anyone?

    I don't like the smilies we currently have. Can we like add cuter or more graphic Smilies later once everything is settle?
  14. sephirothpaine

    the plushie shop

    I know that you guys have tons and tons of work to do on the site, but are we ever going to have a Plushie shop. I so loved that about ACFs. and Gil, oh pleased say you'll bring the gil system too =D Please?@@
  15. sephirothpaine


    Does anyone have the translations to Loveless? Can you post it here? Plllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssse :D Also, we can talk about the meaning behind loveless^_^
  16. sephirothpaine

    Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday

    I'm a PE fan and I found this : YouTube - Parasite Eve 3 / 1st demo vid from TGS2008 PCzoeRk8p4s
  17. sephirothpaine

    I'm back! ^_^

    I was a member of before it closed, and today I notice that there was a Forum here now so......I'm here now.
  18. sephirothpaine

    Cloud Static statue

    I found a picture of it on ebay but haven't found any info on when it will be released. Does anyone know about it? :)
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