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  1. Mitch Connor

    Do you think they will ever finish the Compilation?

    this thread makes me sad... Even though you are all making perfect sense, the compilation never really felt finished. I mean really, DoC is going to be the last view of the FF7 world that we get!?) I kept holding on to the smallest iota of hope that they weren't just half-assing this...
  2. Mitch Connor

    Square Enix's New Digital Magazine

    Thats pretty cool. This place is in dire need of fresh blood
  3. Mitch Connor


    If they could keep it at or around the same level as the old anime series, that would be perfect IMO. But that might be hoping for too much considering WB felt they had to go tone down Harry freakin Potter LOL ewwww
  4. Mitch Connor


    I hope Warner Bros don't tone it down. That would kill it more than anything else
  5. Mitch Connor

    OTWTAS...aka The Look Ahead?

    Thats what I was thinking to. But it looks like its just another look back at things they already released
  6. Mitch Connor

    Kamina Texture Hack

    Nah, still awesome
  7. Mitch Connor

    Yep. I'm Leaving

    ...the purpose of the thread is that she is leaving and saying farewell Anyways have a good life Cloudskye
  8. Mitch Connor

    Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy

    Awesome video Drake, that was impressive. I got a kick out of the Cloud/Lighting mixes, the Tifa-Jesse was pretty cool too. And even a Cloud/Kamina
  9. Mitch Connor

    Kitase would consider FFVII-2

    I dunno about how i feel about FFVII-2. Honestly I don't care what Genesis is up to, he is a horribly meaningless character. IMHO The compilation would have been at least 3 times better with the simple exclusion of his story arc.
  10. Mitch Connor

    Which disc of FFVII did you enjoy the most?

    playing through disc 2 as a young kid was the most fun Ive had with an RPG, ever.
  11. Mitch Connor

    Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy

    well excuse me for having better things to do than memorize every characters move list from the last game. Clouds change was barely noticeable they just added an extra effect to a move he already had, and I still don't see any difference in Cecil, Sephiroth, or Squall,
  12. Mitch Connor

    Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy

    hey guys, i thought the original 20 fighters from the first line up were getting some new moves, or at least tweaked a little bit. But I haven't noticed anything new at all for any of them. What gives? Was that just a rumor?
  13. Mitch Connor

    Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy

    If your opinion of your own opinions are so high then just play it yourself
  14. Mitch Connor


    Ya, like Dacon said, there's simply too many movie critics on the internet to sift through, but if you have a good one plz link it
  15. Mitch Connor


    Well have any of you guys seen it yet? I wanna know if its worth paying for in imax or if i should just download it, and critics reviews really do piss me off sometimes. I try not reading them until after i've seen a movie btw. didn't scott pilgrim get good reviews?
  16. Mitch Connor

    If you could pick a different company to finish the Compilation...

    I think any other company with a decent grasp on storytelling (which SE has lost)would re-retcon Genesis and his gay little war out of everything ff7.
  17. Mitch Connor

    FFVII In The Smithsonian VOTE

    wow, you guys are hilarious
  18. Mitch Connor

    FFVII In The Smithsonian VOTE

    they make you choose between KHII and FFX for the ps2, which is a bitch, even though it makes sense. Looking at the competition for the ps1 adventure games, I think ff7 is definitely in
  19. Mitch Connor

    Things that piss you off

    LeBron James
  20. Mitch Connor

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Im... so very sorry :sigh:
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