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  1. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    How tense! What will win? You decide! You have 1 VOTE EACH and this poll closes on 19/07.
  2. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough Poll

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Please make sure you are able to play a game before you vote for it. You each have 2 votes. Use them wisely. This poll closes on 15/7. Any questions, leave them below. Anything I've missed, please shout at me below :monster:
  3. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough Summer 2020

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, we try to have at least one playthrough together as a community each year, for the sheer fun of getting to enjoy a particular game all at the same time. It's kind of super late in the year to be thinking of this as a summer event, really, but what a weird...
  4. CrashOuch

    Interview With The Glaives at The Wee Pom!

    Hello fellow Creators! Hope you all had a nice time over the holidays! As you might be aware, The Wee Pom is approaching fast and is just a few short weeks away and we're working on securing an interview with The Glaives while we're there! Liam Mulvey (Libertus), Adrian Bouchet (Titus) and...
  5. CrashOuch

    Crash and Fancy’s Despicable Hearts (and Writers) Club™

    Why, hello there, TLS, :smilingimp: and welcome to Crash and Fancy's Despicable Hearts (and Writers) Club, a club where all of us writers can help and support each other! We want to have a place where we can write together, share our progress and tips and encourage each other! Every week, we...
  6. CrashOuch


    Happy Birthday Boiisssss ❤ hope you have a great day. I am going to force feed you both cake 😈
  7. CrashOuch


    @Dashell Happy happy birthday I hope you have a great day!!! :joy: <3
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