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  1. eleamaya

    My Nibelheim Headcanon Fanfiction

    I write many FF7 fanfic but this is the only one I have translated to English for now. What I always write (in multile fandoms) are more canon than AU. And, I'm a shipper so what I always write is more about pairing than general. What do you expect while reading the thread title? XD So, here it...
  2. eleamaya

    I'm not a gamer so shall I join?

    Hi! My name is Vita Almira. I'm female, 25 years old now, and from Indonesia. I'm really too shy to join here and introduce myself. The fact is I'm not a gamer. But, who doesn't know the famous FF installment? When I was a kid (10-11 years old maybe), I remember I played FF7 and FF8 a bit in my...
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