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  1. Vossler

    Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

    How many of you plan on seeing this movie when it comes to your area? I know I will be first in line. The day before I plan on watching them all in order.
  2. Vossler


    I was looking into getting FF Dissidia (sp?) Can I get some opinions on how good the game is and if it's worth getting? Sorry if this isn't in the right place. :ego:
  3. Vossler

    Emulator and games.

    Can someone recommend a good emulator for these old school games? And where could I download old SNES games? Thanks.
  4. Vossler

    Dennis Hopper dead at 74 Sad day! Easy rider rode the final ride! R.I.P Dennis.
  5. Vossler

    Your character choices For FFXIII

    I just would like to know who used who for characters in FF 13/. I used Hope Fang and Vanille and powered up the shit out of Snow Sazh and Vanille. I built up the CP points and had them form other classes such as Sazh as a Saboteur and Vanille as a Synergist. Right now I'm currently building...
  6. Vossler

    Should they re-make FFVII?

    I thought 7 was a great game. I think they should remake the game for technology's sake. With today's gaming systems, I think it would be cool.
  7. Vossler

    A possible suggestion?

    Could there be a possible sub forum pertaining to news? For instances what is going on in your local news area or world news that is worthy of discussion? Maybe even a discussion on humorous news or events?
  8. Vossler

    Good day.

    Hey guess what? I'm new. Browsing the net for information on games and found this site. So hello to all. :awesomonster: Racer.
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