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  1. Marle

    The Lyrics Thread

    I don't know how many people are going to be interested in this but it's worth a shot. I love music and a lot of the lyrics can be poetic and pretty and help get me through the day. So I figured it would be cool to have a thread where everyone can post a line or a verse from a song that really...
  2. Marle

    Tough Love: A Dacon Fanclub

    THIS IS A CLUB DEDICATED TO THE ONE AND ONLY TSUNDERE DACON FROM TLS. Burento Box is special in all the hearts of the folks here at TLS and it's about time he came to realize this. LADIES, JOIN AND DISCUSS.
  3. Marle

    The Guardian: A Noel Kreiss Fanclub

    I feel like this is necessary. I love him so much and I know other people here do, too. He needs a fanclub because this character is just pure brilliance on SE's part and I'm mind blown on how attached I've become to him. ;-; JOIN IF YOU LOVE NOEL KREISS, THE BOY FROM THE FUTURE. fanart is...
  4. Marle

    The Noerah Army

    I CANNOT BELIEVE NO ONE MADE THIS YET. So I'm making it. The game is coming out soon anyways and lots of people ship it so here. The fanclub dedicated to Noel Kreiss and Serah Farron from FF13-2. Sacrificial fanart accepted. Also, FANFIC PLEASE. And, any ideas for a title? :) In the mean...
  5. Marle

    Yo mods

    Can one of you awesome and cool gaiz edit the stinkin' poll I made for Top Ten Characters in FF7 so that it includes everyone from the main cast + Sephy + Other options? :monster: Please and thank you. look i even used the cookie monster
  6. Marle

    Favorite FFVII Characters

    No idea if this has been done before or not but I'm sure it's been a while if it has and there's new members so, maybe it'll be okay? :D Anyways, top ten FF7 characters. Basically, rank the cast in order of greatest character (not necessarily your favorite), beginning with #1 as the best of all...
  7. Marle

    FF7 Relationships

    So, after discussing things with Aaron about this thread, I've been given the okay to make it as long as the rules from the LTD are still adhered to in here as well. :D It's come to my attention that many people simply enjoy discussing opinion and interpretation in the LTD thread but...
  8. Marle


    I know not many people here like her, but I know there's a few who still do. So she's getting a club and those who wanna join will be welcomed! I'm looking at you, Zee and Sam <3 That's right, a club dedicated to the many, many, many variations of the Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda...
  9. Marle

    Ava's Wacky Fanfiction

    Oh boy, Tiff, why am I doing this again? D: Ahem. Okay, so. Here be my fanfiction since I was asked to post it. And basically, my mind is quite insane. So prepare yourself for ideas and plots that make very little sense and contain a very dry sense of humor. Seeing as how this is a Final Fantasy...
  10. Marle

    Split off-forum drama from LTD.

    Well, that's awfully nice. Nice to know people who don't even fucking know me are venting about me because of the fucking pixel couple I ship. Was this even necessary? Leave what goes on at other forums, at other forums. I don't give two fucks about what goes on at CxA. I have respect for...
  11. Marle

    The Dragoon & The Brawler

    That's right. I did it. This pairing needs some more lovin'! Kain Highwind and Tifa Lockhart from Duodecim, ladies and gents. Join if you agree. :D And fanart, of any kind, is most welcome. Also, suggestions for a new name would also be nice. :)
  12. Marle

    True Blood [HBO]

    You guys gotta tell me you watch this. I can't be alone on this fandom boat, can I? I haven't finished my way through season three yet, but season four episode one premiered last night and I almost died just watching the previews. GAH. I ADORE THIS SHOW. *_*
  13. Marle

    The Sexiest Music Thread ;D

    There's a sad one, but it makes me...well, sad. So how about sexy? I have tons of this! >D I'll start! Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge ixw_bLVUL34 Closer by NIN PTFwQP86BRs Digital Bath by Deftones VZF9vXeX_nQ :D Who's next?
  14. Marle

    The Hero & His Princess

    WOO. I finally can make this club! Thank you, wonderful mods. <3 Ahem, anyways. So, this here thread will be dedicated to the lovliness that is the relationship between Princess Zelda and the hero, Link from the Legend of Zelda series. Liking their relationship in any way, shape or form is...
  15. Marle

    Non-FF Clubs

    Would love it if fanclubs for other games/anime/etc. could be created, please? :awesome:
  16. Marle

    Old n00b

    Guess I couldn't stay away... Hiya to everyone on these forums! :D If anyone bothers to visit ye olde CloTi forum, I go by Ijin Hime over there. But err...the place is a bit dead (sadly) and I miss the FF7 fandom. TLS has such awesome translations and I visit often for news and stuff. Figured I...
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