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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Like how some special, wonderful people - truly a boon to our society - pronounce FFX "Final Fantasy Ex", I hope to popularise terming this game "Final Fantasy SVEE"
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Underwhelming and bland. Square-Enix seems to be suffering from shaky camera syndrome. Who's directing this, Michael Bay? As nauseating as watching Kingsglaive. Oh, and superfast Kingdom Hearts gameplay again -- yay (not). I can't see what's happening. Character design...well, it looks like...
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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Having owned the game since release day but never having actually played it, I decided to platinum Lightning Returns during lockdown. It was such a fitting game for lockdown - guards in Luxerion told me the daily death count (disturbingly this count was often lower than the actual daily death...
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    Remember BarrettBoy & ArmouredHamster's Final Fantasy Comics? Because Google doesn't. Fortunately I saved them all. Also FFVII Remake delayed - ah, it wouldn't be the same without a delay. It's a pity all the trailers haven't been shown in a Square-Enix "Closed Mega Theater" instead of YouTube...
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    I haven't signed into this forum for years - not since days really. Back because the remake looks okay. Like that woman's brother in the TV commercial.
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    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    The teaser hints at a theme song announcement ("seen or heard before", plus who will the hosts be talking too? Game developers aren't that interesting, really). So I bet they announce the theme song, and it's by someone who is at least moderately famous in the West, i.e., a Westerner. I...
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    Voice Acting Discussion

    Cloud should sound really confident before he has his mental breakdown. Ideally he should sound like Brendan from the Detective Heart of America movie (29minutes). Or the Cillit Bang guy. 1F1YyDPZLX8#t=1731
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    It was fantastic.
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    ACC...On DVD?!!!

    Please delete this thread.
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    Final Fantasy VII-2 Dream

    I had a dream last night that Final Fantasy VII-2 was announced as a download on PSN and Xbox Live. It was to be made in exactly the same style/using the same technology as the original game and was to be a shortish add-on to the ending. It was one of those dreams where you're smi-conscious and...
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    Vote for the most memorable moment of the Compilation of FFVII.

    Personally, I think the Compilation reached it's zenith when fake Reeve's head fell off.
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    Vote for the most memorable moment of the Compilation of FFVII.

    It seems one scene is stealing the show. I voted for a different scene which I now may regret. I liked the ending of FFVII with Red XIII 500 years later mainly because of the awesome noise the logo made when it appeared, and the schoolgirl-esque giggling afterwards.
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    Demo On Store?

    So I hear that a Dissidia demo is expected on the US Store today. I'll be making a fake US account if it's true. What time does the US Store usually update?
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    ACC OST?

    I really liked the music in OTWTAS. It had a hint of the main FFVII theme, but very different.
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    ACC Announced For Europe, June 10 And a bigger HQ American cover art.
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    Premier Screening

    This person seems to be blogging about the premier screening. Any translations?
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