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    I generally lost interest, and other things just took priority. I've seen a glimpse of 5D, but never really paid too much attention to it.. What do you mean by OOC in Doma?
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    HEE! I fell in love with YGO pretty late compared to some of you (late 2004-2005) and I saw it completely by chance when nothing else was on. It was during the Doma season, so yea, it was pretty late for me. I finally got to see all of the English versions and am still plowing through the...
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    Star Ocean 2

    It's certainly addictive, that's for sure. :D The story could have been better. I certainly agree there.
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Star Ocean 2 Star Ocean 3 Kingdom Hearts RE: COM
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    Star Ocean 2

    Does anybody like Star Ocean 2? I love it. I love the series, but Star Ocean 2 is my favorite. It has a certain majestic charm that the other SOs don't quite have. Who do you "ship", if anyone at all? And do you prefer Claude's side or Rena's? I've been in search of good Star Ocean 2 fanfic to...
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    Good things about DoC

    I generally agree with the OP about the good things in DoC. Beyond that, I'd say: The Graphics, especially the FMV ones. The Voice Acting for the most part. Nero the Sable--Overall, a complex and interesting character. Weiss the Immaculate--er, see above. Actually, the Tsviests as a group...
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    Vote for the most memorable moment of the Compilation of FFVII.

    Zack's death, hands down. I liked Aeris a lot, but her death didn't have near the effect Zack's did.
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    Very good synopsis. For me, the more about Nero, the better. :D Beyond that, all other ideas have already been listed.
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    You mean with Deepground? Yea, I figured that, but I was always curious about what happened between him, Weiss, and Nero. I knew Genesis refused to join them, but there's no real dialogue about that--only articles that state that he did and why. Thanks for confirming that Weiss and Nero are not...
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    The Genesis and Weiss plot is certainly something I've been interested in for a long time. One question: Are Weiss and Nero twins? I've seen that around, but I'm not sure it's true. I'm actually hoping that they're NOT.
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    John Hughes dead

    Sad...I found out a few hours ago on the IMDB boards. I loved the BreakFast Club.
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    I've already read the Ultamania translations and have seen the Online Mode stuff on youtube. All that's left would be the BC stuff. Weiss doesn't actually have Nero's darkness ability, and I don't know how he got the SND ability. The mimic ability sounds plausible.
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    Lol. I'd just like to know well, whatever is available about them. I'd like to know their childhoods, what their skills are other than their Tsviet abilities, and basically whatever wasn't shown in DoC. Also, their reactions to Genesis not wanting to be part of the Deepground revolution...
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    Most Memorable final area of Final Fantasy

    I'd go with Kefka's Tower because it's the only one I remember much of other than the IV Moon and Inside Sin.
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    What are you listening to?

    The Funeral--Sinead O'Connor aka, one more day.
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    Do you have more information on the individual Tsviets? There've been theories floating around them that I'd like to see proven/disproven. I'm especially interested in Weiss and Nero.
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    Why do people obsess over Weiss

    I never noticed people obsessing over Weiss near as much as Nero is obsessed over. At least that's true in my observations. That being said, if Weiss is being obsessed over, it's because he's generally mysterious, and only those who've seen the Online Mode have a basic idea of what he's really...
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    Synopsis of History of Deepground

    Heh! This is great and helpful! Thanks!
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    How long...

    Took a couple of days, but the game time was around 12 hours. Too short.
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